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Submitted by ravenclaw on Tue, 08/30/2005 - 21:46.

WOOT! They have just unlocked the passwords for the Strange Apparatuses! Read all about it at this link.

I will be running and seeing what (if anything) this changes. And then I will update the Strange Aparatus guide I wrote with the new information.


Submitted by ravenclaw on Mon, 07/18/2005 - 13:51.

For those who don't know (I play really early in the morning when there are mostly just mules) I recently got my RNG to 70 (yay! killed Maat! after 4 tries;;) Now I am trying to level up my NIN (which was 29, I know, I suck). I never really liked NIN (or WAR) because I hated tanking (Mithra suck at tanks), but I am doing okay now.

Maior has lit a fire under alot of our asses with his Ballista Guide so I decided to take NIN out to a Ballista when he hit 30. I wasn't expecting to do very well, but DAMN was I surprised^^

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