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ZM14: Ark Angels
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Mon, 07/23/2007 - 07:02.

So ya who wants to do ZM14. I want to get my AN earring and for that I need to finish ZM. If you want to do ZM14 post here are /tell me in-game. Wont know a date until I know who wants to go but I'm thinking maybe sometime on a Saturday or Sunday. Not sure if doing all Angels at once, so it'll probably be 1 long day or 2 days. Anyways lemme know. :)


This event wont happen untill I can find out a time that works for people.

My suggestion is you and

My suggestion is you and Darkkit come to an agreement to sacrifice one of our leveling days to do this - with that decision you would automatically have three of your six people.

Anyway first leveling day is Monday. I'll be there.

Set-Up and Time

Here is the set up for these missions.
Xilldon - RDM
Tamara - WHM
Darkkit - DRK
Meretrix - THF
Tablesandchairs - MNK
Maior - NIN

I would like to try this upcoming Saturday at 8 Eastern if that works for everyone. Going to confirm time with others today.

cannot make sat night

I cannot make sat night because I am going to have company over and my daughter is in town this weekend also. So if you are sill planning on going this weekend I will not be able to attend. Sorry, But I did tell Xill in game the other night that I had plans already. Any time on Sunday works for me.



Completly forgot you couldnt go on Saturday. Only problem with Sunday is Tablesandchairs has Dynamis then. I'll find out when he has it and maybe try after his Dynamis.

yes please

I would like to help with this also. See above for times and stuff. ie look at tam's post :-)

Fight Order

Ok I lied. With this run/group I want to get both ZM14 and ZM17 done. I want to split it up into 2 nights of fighting. Both nights taking on 3 fights. For the first night I want to do the Taru AA followed by the Mithra AA and last the Elvaan AA. The next night the Galka AA and Hume AA. On night 2 after we finish off the last AA we go to Norg get CS from Gilgamesh then head to the Last Boss of ZM.

I said I would help you with

I said I would help you with this, Xilldon; just can't help on Fridays nor on the leveling nights you and Darkkit come up with.

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