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Submitted by Tamara on Sat, 06/23/2007 - 09:30.

Congratulations to the eleven folks who made it through Tenzen's Path!

I think Darkkit is going to try to re-assemble her Wednesday ClanAM CoP Run Team. Not positive about this, she and I have been talking in regards to the subject and I will leave the final decision up to her. If she does I told her I can help out as always; which unfortunately means I won't be signing on until 10:10pm Eastern on Wednesdays, but that was my normal status for her Wed CoP Run anyway.

For the week of June25 the FRIDAY TEAM will be doing Ulmia's Path...
Ulmia's Path

As usual you need to obey the Wiki. You need to get your cut-scenes (always click four times) done for Ulmia's Path. You will need to get some items for your fights. The items you should stock up on are as follows:

I have heard the Meyo Salt is not really optional, you need a stack of it to win (I think) versus the Snoll.

THESE ARE SIX PERSON FIGHTS! This presents some challenges for our eleven-person team. Here is how I decided to approach this conundrum...

First Shikaree fight is 9:00pm Eastern (if we have enough folks show up for it)
Second Shikaree fight is 10:00pm Eastern on June 29th
Third Shikaree fight is 11:00pm Eastern

First Snoll fight is 11:00pm Eastern (if enough folks get through Shikaree fight)
Second Snoll fight is Midnight Eastern
Third Snoll fight is 1:00am Eastern

Yes, stuff is staggered. As to the staggering - if you show up for a fight at the given time I will try to be there (except for the 11pm stuffs since I can't be in two places at once). Now obviously if one group loses their fight they may want to turn around and fight the same fight again ten minutes later, since it would be stupid to say "no" to that fight team I won't even try. All I am saying is the above times are a ROUGH PLAN and if you show up at 11pm to fight the Shikaree you have the legitimate right to hold the Friday team back to ask for assistance, you will not be considered to be 'late' for COP Friday.

I know I will be on for hours myself, I can't customize CoP so everyone has a quick and short night - is just not going to happen. Also I am not sure we are all going to make it through Ulmia's Path in this one Friday night; if not, when people have to log for the night we will discuss how to continue over the weekend (yes, over the weekend).

In any case we will not be starting Louverance Path until all eleven folks have finished Ulmia's Path. So if we hit a bad snag we will be on Ulmia's Path for two weeks, not just one.

Jobs - as you show up online we have to build for a balanced party for each fight. I don't really know what this means. For instance the First Shikaree Fight I want to be in on that fight and I may be SMN or WHM. You see I don't know which folks are going to log on at what time with which jobs. If you can show up online at 8:30pm talk to me and we will try to build the first fight team for Shikaree.

Be mentally prepared to be called upon to participate in multiple fights, even if you have already won.

wed night

I am not going to reassemble the wed night group. There was never enough interest in it and do not have enough help for it right now. espically with Avatarx being M.I.A.

So for this wed night I would like help getting Wizzz through "The Savage" fight. Please /tell me in game to let me know if you could come.

It will start at the normal time for CoP 9:30 est for gathering. And as always if you want to try a ENM bring your goodies and we can at least get a free warp home.


I will try to log online at

I will try to log online at 10PM Eastern in Tavnazian Safehold for Wizzz's Ouryu fight.

Post here in comments your

Post here in comments your jobs and your expected fights.
Like this...

Logging on at 8:30pm to prepare for first fight(s).

Expect to be WHM or SMN for First and Second Shikaree fights.

Expect to be WHM only for First and Second Snoll fights.

I will be online until 2am, however, for six hours of CoP.

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