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The end of ClanAM FFXI
Submitted by sam on Wed, 01/02/2008 - 19:12.

Many of you knew this was coming, and a recent broken 360 that has kept me out of the game for a month has spurned me to make it official...

Effective immediately, Clan of the Angry Monkey FFXI is closed.

We've had a good run, operating since May 2004 and running several hundred events. We've been a part of everything from an in game wedding to getting many players to end-game and past many missions. We've had an excellent community-driven guide section, thousands of forum posts, and active polls. All in all, I'd have to say we've exceeded any expectations I ever had when I first started the FFXI branch of Clan of the Angry Monkey, and I wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone who made ClanAM-FFXI such a great place for as long as it's been around.

Why are you ending ClanAM FFXI?

I know a lot of people are asking this, I've certainly been asked in private many times, but the main reason I'm ending ClanAM-FFXI is because I personally have little interest in running it any more. I'd personally rather focus my efforts on ClanAM FFXI End Game as well as ClanAM 360.

I've actually felt this way for many months now, but my 360 dying (forcing me out of the game for over a month now) was the catalyst that made me realize I needed to make it official.

Are you leaving FFXI?

I am not leaving FFXI. Maior (and all his mules) will still be around. I will still be leveling, leading up the occasional end game event, and doing other game things.

I will, however, be playing much less. I will also probably not be hanging around in any social LSes. Honestly, I just kind of need a break from it all.

What will happen to the ClanAM FFXI website and LS?

Both will continue to operate until January 2008. In January 2008 I will discard the ClanAM FFXI LS and disable all accounts on the ClanAM FFXI website. The website will remain online as long as I still host websites (e.g., likely for a very long time), it's just that no one will be able to create new accounts or make new posts after January 2008.

I am leaving the website running normally and the LS running as usual until January 2008 to give people a chance to say their goodbyes, get the word out about ClanAM FFXI, and find other alternatives. Sure, I could just {/breanklinkshell} and disable accounts on the website now, but that would be kind of a rude thing to do to all my friends :-P

ClanAM FFXI End Game and ClanAM 360

If you're interested in joining ClanAM FFXI-EG then head over to our site. You can also contact me in the game, or just show up for the events. ClanAM FFXI-EG will be events only, there will be no social aspect to it beyond the events. People are free to drop the ClanAM FFXI-EG pearl after the events are over, we will make you a new one for the next event. If we ever start hosting large events that would make this difficult, we may change this policy, but for now keep it or drop it between events... we don't care.

If you are interested in the ClanAM 360 events, note that until my 360 comes back from repairs there will be no events. This means that the next ClanAM 360 event wont be until October (2007). If you are interested in joining us in ClanAM 360 events, please watch the ClanAM 360 website or contact me in Live (gamertag of 'criswellious'). Starting in October (2007) we will be hosting Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, Burnout, and many other events.

Thank you all

In closing, I'd really like to thank everyone who made ClanAM FFXI such a fun place to be. I sincerely hope that I will see you all again in other ClanAM venues!

ClanAM FFXI is closed

Well, I said that on Jan 1st 2008 I was going to close down this site, and I just did that. From now on, no one else should be able to leave comments, create new accounts, or make any posts whatsoever. The content is all still available, but no one will be able to add anything new. (I'm doing this because I don't want to baby-sit this site for spammers, not because I'm an ass and no longer want to hear from you guys :-)

I've allowed a couple of last minute posts, but probably wont allow any more unless someone contacts me in the game and has a real valid reason for it.

Anyway, thanks for all the glowing comments everyone, and thanks for the support over the years. It's been a blast. If you're still in FFXI, check out ClanAM End Game sometime. If you play 360, check out ClanAM 360.

Also, for those who care, I recently posted last year's Sam's Video Game Awards.

Anyway... happy trails everyone! Hope to see you all again in another venue in the future!

Vis Maior's Journeys

Loved you guys, I miss you

Loved you guys, I miss you guys every day.

left ffxi last spring after 2 years because i had to move and then never got back. sounds like you guys had alot of fun and i missed some good times.

thanks everyone for making my time in the game fun. especially sam, cyc, dl and tam. but extra thanks to sam for running this all this time, you rock dude!


Happy trails everyone, I was sad when I was told ClanAM ended, it was so much fun when I was on. All the Promy events and all of the Garrison events. And Sam, always the cranky leader with the plans that work.

I'm on 360 now also, look me up. I'll be on the ClanAM 360 events to be sure.

And if you ever are in EVE Online, look me up there.

I play EVE Online, you

I play EVE Online, you playing as payne?

voice in the dark

hi guys it must be strange seeing this name, epecially for some, but i offer warm heartfelt greetings to everyone in the clan. i'm really just writing to thank everyone that has helped me out in the game or ever shared a friendly conversation with me. as i'm writing this i feel no regrets in playing ffxi,every emotion ,every adventure i've ever had with some of you suddenly flood my mind .ffxi was more than a game for me, it was the only place i felt i could really be much to say...just know that all those hours lvling, camping fishing, woodcrafting, etc.
ill never forget it and will cherish them forever. thank you Valsery, Meretrix, Drifter,Tamara,Ravenknight, Thersty,Xilldon, Gaara/Raytien...seriously i could go on, but to all the clan members, espesially you Sam, Damn dude you freakin rock! Thanks for making this mnk/nin/asshole a part of something special. Thanks again everyone i love you all playing this game with you guys has been an awesome experience i'll cherish till death.
Sincerely, Craigshin/Nightshift
P.s.if anyone plays 360 games my tag is Kageshigi

Craig! I remember when you

Craig! I remember when you started out in the dunes! We met in my first party and you got me hooked up with a pearl!

Peace dude!

So sad!

I just heard from D that you guys ended and was so sad!

ClanAM was the best time I had playing FFXI. I, like so many others here, was roped into an HNMLS after I got to 75 and they forced me to leave LSes like ClanAM. It was a hard decision, and I regretted it always. Sure I got some cool gear, but I had to turn my back on my friends and all the fun activities that made ClanAM so much fun to be a part of. I eventually got too sick of all the drama in the HNMLS scene and I left the game. I've been in LOTR:O ever since.

With WOTG out, I was going to come back to FFXI, but with you guys gone, I don't have any desire to come back any more. ;;

Farewell guys, and look me up on LOTR:O if you ever come over there.

Clanam was the greatest, I

Clanam was the greatest, I had so much fun with you guys. Hope to see you all again in future games.

11/15/07 Avayr checking in.

Been away from ffxi for a while.. moving and been working in the northeast for a couple of months. When I get back home to HI (prolly in the beginning of December) I'd love to be part of the clanam 360 events as well as clanam-eg. I've applied for a user name on the site but have been unable to log on nor have I gotten a confirmation. Anyhow, hope to see you guys soon. -Avayr-


I don't even see your account on Clanam EG. I'd suggest registering again.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Goodbye friends!

It was fun while it lasted. I actually havent been in the LS since I left the game a few months ago, but clanam was the first LS I was in that really got stuff done.

Enjoy your end-game activities guys. When I get a 360 I'll look you up :-)

Goodbye ClanAM, you were one

Goodbye ClanAM, you were one of the best on Phoenix. My first LS, and the reason I got both Sky and Sea as quickly as I did.

Thanks again everyone, and best of luck to you all!

Clanam was one of the

Clanam was one of the greatest LSes back before I got sucked into the allure of HNMLSes, and I've always missed the friends I made here. I'm really sad to see it go, but I understand why Sam is ending it.

I do want to take a moment and thank Sam for everything he's done for Clanam. Everyone here who doesn't appreciate what Sam has done for them, or is angry because sometimes Sam seems "cranky" needs to read this post to understand that leading a successful LS is difficult. Most LSes die off after a couple of months but Sam managed to keep Clanam viable and relevant for 3 years! It takes a special kind of person to do stuff like that.

Good luck with Clanam EG and maybe I'll see you guys again someday if I ever break down and get a 360^^

Peace, -Rai

Also, appreciate what Sam is

Also, appreciate what Sam is doing with EG. You wont find so welcoming and friendly rules in other HNMLSes^^

If I wasn't considered a "general" in my current HNMLS (and if I had Sea LOL) I'd come join you guys in a hearbeat.

Ya I left FFXI mainly

Ya I left FFXI mainly because of bad experiences in the HNMLSes I tried out. I wish clanam eg was around when I was here last, I probably wouldnt have left.

Thanks everyone and

Thanks everyone and especially Maior and Thersty. Thersty gave me the pearly a couple of years ago, and Maior was the one who got me my Promys, helped with limit break items, and ran so many fun garrisons!

Im now doing dynamis, but I dont have sea otherwise id come and go with you guys now and then^^

Take care everyone, it was fun!

Thanks for everything

Clanam was like our family in the virtual world. I'm sorry to see it go. Thanks SAM for organizing the best linkshell ever!

XMALISA ? I don't recognise that name. Do you have a different name in the game? Well anyway, thanks for remembering me :)



Long time no see pal! You didn't give me my pearl, but you were there for an early mission of mine.

When I get a 360, I'll look you up too, I want to play with you again^^

Hate to break it to you

I hate to break it to you, but Roosterx doesn't have a 360. In fact, he's kind of been MIA.

A lot of people have 360s, but there's been a few notable holdouts. Roosterx is one of those notable holdouts unfortunately....

Which is too bad because Roosterx used to love playing Unreal Tourney in the old ClanAM days.

Vis Maior's Journeys

I'll remember it always

Like a lot of others, I left FFXI a while ago, but I always remember my time with ClanAM. We had so much fun. I've wanted there to be a ClanAM WoW for a long time since there's nothing like ClanAM there and I miss you all so much.

Good luck to everyone on their new gaming adventures! Hope to see you all again someday!


A lot of fun guys

Sorry I had to create a new account to post this, I forgot my password LOL.

Its been a lot of fun guys, and its been a good run. Clanam was the reason I stayed in the game for as long as I did. I ended my FFXI susbscription when LOTR online came out, but Ive always kind of regretted it because there hasnt been anything quite like CLanam in LOTR that ive been able to find.

You guys were there with me when I finally got my Ohat and we all had alot of fun in assaults.

You are all going to be missed and I wish we see eachother again someday^^

it was a good run...

Without a doubt, clanam has been the best ls I have ever been a part of... through the highs and lows I have made so many friends through this ls. I am glad to have been a part of this group. Hopefully I can join you guys on ClamAM-EG when I get ffxi loaded on my new comp and I'd love to be part of the xbox360 thing too! I will be part of the original shell till it is broken.. hope to see you all online soon!

CoP mission?

What CoP mission you on? We just had a very successful airship battle tonight, and got 4 more people that much closer to Sea. I'm sure plenty of people would be happy to go back and help.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Thank you clanam!

Clanam made FFXI that much more exciting for me! I'm sad to see it leave FFXI but I understand the decision to do so.

I havent played FFXI in 6 months, but I still have my account. I was going to come back this fall (when I'm back in school) but now I might not because my highest job is only 51 and am too low for Clanam EG ;;

But, I have a 360 so I'm going to join you guys in October for sure!

Thanks again everyone! Much love!

So long everyone, it was

So long everyone, it was fun. I regret every day ditching you guys and going to my HNMLS. I switched servers because of the drama there, and I dont think I would have if I was in ClanAM.

I got a 360 for Xmas, so I'll look into joining you guys there.

Greatest SAM ever

Hey long time no see. Yours was the only static I ever was in that didnt suck^^

You're on 360 too? Man, everyone is on 360, I need to get one and see you guys again!


Long time no see, man, we need to hook up on live, what's your gamertag?


Sam, ur the man

I also want to thank you (and everyone) for making ClanAM so fun. I actually left FFXI about two years ago when I moved out of the country for a job, and I've really missed playing with everyone.

I started with Ravenclaw on FFXI around the same time, and I remember Sam/Maior helping us out in the dunes and helping us get our subjob items. I also remember later on having some great Garrisons with people like Raytion, Kyler, and everyone else. I left before everyone got so good at the Promyvions that ClanAM started being abused by other LSes as a CoP powerleveller, but I did keep in contact with many of you and heard all the tales :-)

At any rate, thanks again Sam for all your efforts over the years with ClanAM. I will be getting a Euro 360 soon enough and I look forward to joining you guys with your Halo events!

Heh, thanks

Yeah, Bomb, we miss you a lot. I can't wait to see you again when my 360 gets back :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Bomb's first post

Just found it:
Trying so hard to get to twenty

Vis Maior's Journeys

Thank you, Sam!

I actually left FFXI a few months ago, but I was part of ClanAM FFXI since the early days. I just want to say thank you to Sam for all the effort he's put into this ClanAM branch all these years.

Sam/Maior was there when I first got my subjob items, he was part of my alliance that farmed bones for hours trying to get one of the limit breaks (been too long, I forget which one), and he was there when I finally got rank 10. He's always been there for us to help us out so he deserves a big thanks!^^

Also, as someone who is over on the ClanAM 360 kick now, I really want to encourage people to come join us after October. We have a lot of fun and are trying to restore some of the classic halcyon days of ClanAM FPSing over there on the 360.



Hey, long time no see man!

What did you finally wind up with in FFXI? When I left, you had a bunch of jobs around 40 but hadn't picked one to take to end game lol.

Halcyon days? lol

I miss those days... I remember playing UT every weekend with you guys and how much fun that was. I remember YOU, Ravenclawx, going under the name of "a_little_girl" to add extra insult to injury every time you sniped one of us from afar.

I'm going to be buying a 360 this next paycheck (it's taken me so long because I didn't want to commit to buying a euro 360 since I've always thought about returning to the US) and I'll definitely be joing you guys next month!

Power to ClanAM!

Heh I have a 360, you guys

Heh I have a 360, you guys wouldn't happen to be playing Halo 3 at all are you?

If so, I'd love to join!

Sure are..

Yep, Halo 3 is one of the games we're playing..

We even have an event this Friday night (I need to post the time) for a Halo 3 multiplayer game.

Vis Maior's Journeys

i play halo 3 sometime, i'll

i play halo 3 sometime, i'll look you guys up

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