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Empty Notorious Monsters... And You

Empty Notorious Monsters... And You
Submitted by sam on Wed, 09/28/2005 - 14:45.

Empty Notorious Monsters (or ENMs) are special arena battles that are very much like BCNMs: You (and possibly others in a team or alliance) enter an arena (often level capped) to battle with a special notorious monster for experience points and/or items. Unlike BCNMs, however, you do not need special seals to enter. In fact, often the entrance requirement is to simply talk to someone and obtain a key item. This guide will give you the basics of ENMs as well as show you some strategies and overviews of several different ENMs around Vana'Diel.

What are ENMs and why are they different from BCNMs?

BCNMs are arena battles that take place in given arenas around the world. They require a certain number of Beastman Seals and usually drop rather nice items. ENMs, on the other hand, are more diverse and strange. They are always deep inside Chains of Promathia areas, and they each can have quite different entrance requirements.

The following general guidelines apply to all ENMs:

  • Every ENM has a special requirement. Some may simply require you obtain a key item by talking to an NPC. Others may require trading gil or items at specific places.
  • For those ENMs that require you to have a key item, if the ENM allows for parties and/or alliances then everyone in the party or alliance has to have the key item in order to participate.
  • Every ENM has a 5-day "cool-down" between battles. This means that, whether you win an ENM or lose it, you will have to wait 5 real-world days before you can attempt them again. In each city, there are NPCs that will tell you when you can next attempt a given ENM. So, if you are not sure whether you can try an ENM again or not, talk to one of these guys:
    • Mortitz - Jeuno Upper (I-8)
    • Istvan - Windurst Woods (K-11)
    • Ophelia - San d'Oria South (H-11)
    • Gregory - Bastok Mines (J-9)
  • Each ENM has a time limit. In order to win an ENM you must defeat the enemy or enemies within the ENM's time limit. If you fail either by dying or by running out of time, you will not lose any experience (EXP). This makes the ENMs very appealing to try as there rarely is much risk involved.
  • If a party member dies during the ENM, and the rest of the party or alliance wins the ENM, they must raise the fallen member before the time limit is reached or before exiting the arena. If they are not, then the fallen member will not recieve any EXP from the battle (they wont lose any either, it will just suck to be them :-)

Now that we have established what ENMs are generally, let's look at some specific ENM battles. We will examine this in the next chapter.

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