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Phantasy Star Universe Open Beta for Xbox 360 Players
Submitted by sam on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 03:16.

This is from the ClanAM PSU site. Since PSU is an MORPG, and we have some RPG fans here, I thought I'd share it.

The following press release was put out today from Sega:

SEGA is proud to announce the start of the Open Beta for Xbox 360 on October 11th!. This will be the first chance to play the newest addition to the long running Phantasy Star series. The Beta test period is expected to run until October 18th and will allow participants to play through a portion of the online game. We encourage users interested in the Multiplayer aspects of Phantasy Star Universe to check out all there is to see in the Beta environment!

Getting started is extremely easy! If you want to participate you must have an active Xbox Live Gold account. The Beta will be available for download on the Xbox Marketplace between October 11th and October 12th. Once you have the beta downloaded, you'll be able to play immediately! Once online, we highly recommend the following activities to get the most out of this Open Beta period:

  • Create Your Character - Construct the perfect avatar with the robust Character Creation tool that enables players to change their character's body shape and dimensions, hairstyle and color, facial structure and features, and more!
  • Meet New People - Head out to the lobby and meet new people! Visit various shops for weapons, clothing and other items and then join or create a squad to embark on missions with new friends.
  • Explore the Universe - With three expansive planets to explore, discover the adventures that lie ahead on Parum, Neudaiz, and Moatoob.
  • My Room - Create your personal online space by adding items and elements from your adventures, and decorating your My Room with various themes and wallpaper. In here, your Partner Machinery is able to create new weapons and items for you to use in battle, trade with friends, or sell for a profit. Players can also exchange Partner Cards and visit friends in their My Room!
  • Customize Your Look - Head to one of the various Clothing or Parts shops located across the Universe and outfit your character with the newest styles.
  • Try Different Job Types - Speak to the Guardian Representative located on the fifth floor of the Guardian's Colony to freely change between the three class types: Hunter, Ranger, and Force.
  • Create and Sell Items - Craft items from the base materials you find during your adventures using your Partner Machinery. You can even sell these items within player-run Shops!

PSU Mission Strat Guide

Just a FYI, we started one here.

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Official ClanAM Coverage

For those interested, we have some official ClanAM coverage of the beta here.

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And from the discussions in the forum, it looks like they arent extending the period!

So it'll be ending the 18th, even if we get it on the 17th!



Download now!

Woke up this morning to see the beta download in live :-)

So you can start it now :-)

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lol, so I'm a day late, so shoot me :-P

It sure is fun though. Too bad about all the idiots who voice chat.


I'm so downloading this as soon as it's available! We may be able to answer a lot of the questions we've had for the game.

Any clue if the characters can be held over when the official server(s) launch?



I sure hope we get to keep our chars from the launch... unless I screw mine up :-)

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