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Legacy problems
Submitted by sam on Wed, 03/28/2007 - 18:27.

Apparently in the last Drupal upgrade the Legacy module stopped working for our old posts.

For those who don't know, the ClanAM sites have been powered by Drupal since the Drupal 3.x days (for 3+ years now). Previously, Drupal had various URLs for different things. Every top-level post on the site has a specific node number associated with it. However, depending on what type of node the node was, the URL would be different.

For example, if we had node number 232 that was a book, the previous way to access that node was with the following URL:

We could also have nodes that were just classified as a "node" (e.g., blog entries, forum entries, etc.). So if 245 was a plain old "node" its URL would have been:

After Drupal 4.1 (or so) they dropped this somewhat confusing convention and made all nodes accessible directly from the /node/ path. E.g., the above two nodes would become

The problem is, what happens when you then try to click on links made to the previous URLs?

Well, that's where the Legacy module comes in. The goal of this module is to redirect these legacy links to modern ones... making it possible to maintain Drupal sites as long as we have.

The problem is, in the recent upgrade this module seems broken.

So, what I've done is make these redirects part of the Apache configuration.

I've done /book/ and /node/... If anyone sees any others I've missed please post them here.

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