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Submitted by Tamara on Thu, 08/10/2006 - 21:17.

Other games...

Japanese flash site

The American version of Okami ships in three weeks, I get to play a Japanese Nature Goddess

This Square Enix game for the PSP arrived this week

360 all the way

lol, nothing but 360 games for me lately.

* Prey (360) - I hate that Sam was able to beat this so quickly.
* Condemmed (360) - Picked this up on Sam's suggestion. I love it.
* LOTR: BFME II (360) - OMG! If I'm not in FFXI, this is where I am.

Oh, and I was about to go out and buy Dead Rising, lol.


My games

I don't know why I love posts like this so much... I guess it's because I'm such an avid gamer :-P

  • FFXI (360): Still, obviously.
  • Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP): Yep, I picked this game up the day it came out. For those who don't know, this game is actually a remake of the same game for the PS1 (which I also have). Honestly, the game hasn't aged terribly well, and I think people who aren't fans of the original may have a hard time with it. This game tries some neat things (like having a set period of time until the end of the game.. whatever you don't accomplish in that time, you just don't accomplish) but is ultimately hampered by some rather confusing dialogs and goals. The story tends to be a bit rambling (and sometimes boring) as well. These things being said, I still love the game and have been having a blast with it on my PSP.
  • Doom 3 (XBOX): Finally going back and playing some of my older FPSes that I've neglected lately. You can really blame Prey for this...
  • Burnout Legends (360): Purchased this game for when my wife's relatives came to visit this weekend (the "Crash Party" mode is very fun with 2+ people) and got into in myself. Sure, it's just more of what Burnout 3 already offered, but when the last game was so good, it's hard to knock this one.

In the time since the last time I posted, I have played and beaten Prey (360), Half Life 2 (XBOX) and Sigma Star Saga (GBA).

What I am personally anxiously awaiting right now are:

  • Dead Rising (360): Bah! It's apparently out now, but I don't have it! For shame! If you have a 360, download the demo, it's a blast.
  • Mass Effect (360): Droool.... Okay, this looks totally kack ass. Download the videos if you have Xbox Live.
  • LocoRoco (PSP): Gah! Frell! Mother Facker! Not since my Katamari import have I been this consumed by a game for the PSP. Download the demo on your PSP and try this puppy out.
  • Dungeon Siege (PSP): This may suck balls... and not in a good way... but hey, the PSP needs more RPG-ish games. I'm willing to give it a shot.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Loco Roco greatness.

With Sam i love this posts too. Ive been playing Loco Roco basicly nonstop ever sience the demo was relesed in Japan a few months ago.
Guild Wars, Ive been playing this with my friend who recently got it but its still not getting me interested enought to finsh it.
Kingdom Hearts 2, Im replaing on Proud mode even though I beat normal wiht 100%.
Animal Crossing Wild World, Ive neglected this game so much. If I'm not playing XI or GW you'll most likely find me playing this. Now I just need WiFi to play with my friends.

Guild Wars

"Guild Wars, Ive been playing this with my friend who recently got it but its still not getting me interested enought to finsh it" - Xilldon

Guild Wars is a fun Windows game in that the PvEnvironment has two Mission Series (two campaigns) which you can finish - each campaign has a definite end to it's story line - but theoretically there is no real ending since the game is oriented around...
1) you run through PvE doing Missions to build up your character by capturing skills (no spell scrolls to purchase)
2) at some point you join a Guild for PvPlayer (often called Guild vs. Guild in Guild Wars - hence the name).
I myself have been playing GW for a year now and have never joined a Guild (needed for PvP), I am more interested in the PvE side of the game. I have never fought in one of the PvP arenas. Logically Guild vs. Guild weekly fights could go on for years.

That being said I did manage to finish the Guild Wars: Factions Campaign mission plot series last week. Hung around in the Emperor's Palace in Cantha for an hour and eventually hooked up with a winning Pick Up Group to go beat Shiro. I suppose I really should finish the Guild Wars: Prophecies PvE mission series some time:

One thing which is interesting is that in Cantha some of the towns/outposts are controlled by a winning Guild. Control is pretty minimal, the Guild can't really pass any rules to help or hinder you, but it is interesting to walk into an outpost (think Mhaura in FFXI) and see that the game considers "Clan of the Angry Monkey" to be the owner.

Guild Wars has these story arcs...
Guild Wars: Prophecies (I think it's game box is still plain Guild Wars)
Guild Wars: Factions
Guild Wars: Nightfall (in development)

Guild Wars is not a true MMORPG, most people classify the game as an MORPG. GW is only a MMORPG in the towns. The rough estimate for Guild Wars is that most nights there are probably 300,000 to 1,000,000 people playing it around the world.

FFXI player subscriptions

The above site also has this link BLIZZARD which (since I am taking business college courses) I should be interested in, but I am not really. I play some games but I cancelled my WoW account months ago. Slide number 19 pretty much states that the parent company is telling its subsidiary (Blizzard) that they will be working on expanding their online MMORPG success.

I was playing FFXI one night and the Tarutaru in my party kept INSISTING I go check out Penny-Arcade So I did.


I find GW enjoyable sometimes. But the lvling system and how skills are obtained tunr me way from the game. I like the the story is layed out but I've been stuck at lvl 15for 9 months now and when I go to do quests to lvl I usually end up bored and turning it off. I see it as a single player game to play when I'm bored.

Guild Wars Skills

What you seem to be saying is that running around the game working on getting skills for the builds bores you; I find it to be enjoyable (most of the time).

humm neat site!

I knew about that site. I've heard theres a quest ingame later on that lets you change you seccond class. I guess I would fall under Heavy Nuker if i was /Me


Both Campaigns (Cantha and Tyria) allow you to change your sub-job. In Cantha you keep doing Primary Quests then Missions then Primary Quests until you are Closer to the Stars. After the Closer to the Stars Mission you can change your sub-job in the next town (Senji's Corner).

In Tyria you complete the Desert Missions, fight your Doppleganger, then you are considered 'ascended'. Once you are ascended some of the desert NPC's will now offer up quests to change your sub-job to a new job (new job is on a quest-by-quest basis). For instance my Monk became ascended then went to track down the Mesmer sub-job quest. Once she finished that quest she could become Monk/Mesmer.

Powerful builds are what makes Guild Wars click. These two are some pretty potent builds:

I am sure there are many more out there which are pretty potent.

I rank FFXI and Guild Wars equally, though they are very different games. I would say that in Guild Wars you feel a bit underpowered until you can achieve some of the builds. In FFXI you feel a bit underpowered until you are level 60+ and have your AF (which is typically pretty decent equipment).

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