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Gone until Sept 9th?
Submitted by Tamara on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 04:37.

My gaming PC is acting up so I will not be in any online games until Sept 7th? Sept 9th?

*** edit on Sept 5th ***
Parts are on order, if it is the chipset(s) which died (and the CPU is not damaged) I should be okay by Sunday the 10th. I say this because no new CPU was ordered.
*** end edit ***


Hey tamara I finally got my comp. so if you can send me a msg.

Hello Darkkit!

Hello Darkkit!

My gaming PC was acting up but it decided that was not good enough so it just went ahead and completely died.

But if you have *your* new PC now you might want to go here
and in the lower, right-hand corner there is a sort of shields-and-swords which says "Download the Client". This is interesting because you get this really-small-stub of a program which you download, then you fire it up, then you may as well go out to a movie or to the mall because over the next hour or two it downloads the entire game. All 500 megs worth or some such gross number. At that point you have a complete copy of the game(s), all you need is an account (which you create using e-mail) and you need a key code to play each game/campaign full time.

After you have a copy of the game(s) I have a key for a ten-hour free trial, which is what I promised you. All you would do is create an account and enter the trial key code under your account. That way you can tell if your new PC is up to playing Guild Wars Prophecies.

If you are interested in reading more about the GW Game you can go here:

The three GW Campaigns (the 3 games) are:
Prophecies (the trial code is for ten hours in Prophecies)

and Factions

and Nightfall (to released in November)

each campaign is a complete GW game on its own continent. If you buy multiple campaign key codes, and enter each code under your account, the character(s) under your account can undertake quests to travel between continents (which are the campaigns).

One Campaign = One Continent
Factions = Cantha

So a Prophecies' Character can travel to the continent of Cantha and play the Factions game.

Guild Wars is not so much about your level btw as it is about the Skills you have collected to make a nice BUILD

So you can be the max level 20 (maybe level 7 or 8 is possible in ten hours of free play) and be a mega noob because you never bothered to collect any decent Skills.

So in the stores they will sell you a big Guild Wars box but all you really want out of that box is a small piece of folded and sealed paper (which you do not want to lose!)


Thanks for the info! I am going to try and start the download now. I put FFXI on the comp today and it only took about 3 hr to update. so I should have it tonight sometime.

Well I got the client but cannot do anything else without a code so whenever you get it to me I will try it out :-)

P.S. Thanks Tam

Yes, my character can join yours

Yes, once my PC is fixed my character can join up with yours.

Guild Wars is not a true MMORPG, it is a MORPG with a lot of 'instances'. Most instances are limited in party size - 4, 6, 8 players. The MMORPG only comes into play in cities (Lion's Arch, Droknar's Forge, Kaineng Center) where lots of players congregate to trade and swap weapons and items (you cannot trade and swap armor).

So I would join up with you after you decide whether to purchase Guild Wars (original, which is Prophecies) or Guild Wars Factions (says 'Factions' on the box). My account allows my character to get to both campaigns.

My character is Level 14 Monk, Press N for 'friends screen', my character's name is
Tamara Of Vanadiel


Well I made a char today and am alerady lvl 2. I can run it and it looks good (not choppy and runs smooth) so I am going to buy it probably within the next week. I am a necro atm but cannot raise minions yet. this reminds me alot of Diablos 2 when I used to play it. my fav character was a necro in that one. I wish FFXI had a necro job that would be sweet. :-) ok gonna find out more about what to do and how to do skills. So hopefully I will see you soon.

Go ahead and level

Go ahead and level all you want, in whatever campaign you want to. Necromancer is in both campaigns, the main difference is Factions has the Ritualist and the Assassin (which are on the Factions game box art). I'll meet up with you on some evening after my PC is fixed. The replacement motherboard is backordered so might be a week. I can play Guild Wars on my backup PC, but it sometimes freezes. Rather funny to watch your character caught in the air, mid-stride, for eight seconds.

Well, not going to worry about it. Just pick some gaming night which does not interfere with FFXI and I will try to meet up with you. I am almost always busy with other things on Wednesdays, btw, so Wed is a bad night.

If Thersites still plays Guild Wars maybe he will join up with us?

If you want to play a lot of PvP you will want a character other than Necromancer - I don't believe Necromancer is popular in PvP. The way it works is Assassin is weak in PvEnvironment, and popular in PvP. Necromancer (minion master) is very popular in PvE and weak in PvP (not enough bodies in PvP).

Here are your Necromancer Builds:
Here is a PvP Necro build (so they claim):

Really, I should not be giving you advice on PvP - I don't belong to a Guild and I don't play PvP. PvP really wants something like Team Speak or some such and I don't play with a headset. I just play some PvE in the evenings for fun.

Darkkit, here is a PvE Minion Master build:

In PvEnvironment you will see a lot of folks hiding behind the minion master's moving wall of minions - Necromancer is a busy job during Quests and Missions, keeping his/her minions up and moving forward.

If you decide to go with the original game I can't join up right away with you anyway. Prophecies uses a timeline concept called pre-searing/post-searing. New Prophecies' characters start out in pre-searing. When you are about level 8 you can go to post-searing (but don't leave pre-searing until you grab all the Necro skills you can get). My character is in post-searing Cantha, or my character can meet up with yours in post-searing Tyria. Post-searing characters can never get back to pre-searing.

LFG in towns stands for an individual Looking to join a Group (usually for a Mission)
GLM in towns stands for Group looking for Members, or Group looking for More
GLF MM in towns is Group Looking for Minion Master (necro)
GLF Mo in towns is Group Looking for Monk
GLF Nuker in towns means they want an Elementalist

and here are the armor sets available to you as a Necromancer:

If you play Factions you will most likely be wearing armor from one of these three folks, for a bit:

My current armor set:
some of the pieces I am wearing are very weak defense and need to be upgraded pronto.

Here is an odd Ranger/Necro which is pretty powerful in PvP:
It is an interesting build because it REQUIRES you to own both Factions and Prophecies or the build does not work. This build works by having a needed skill from Factions, a needed skill from Prophecies, and makes use of having a 16 in Ranger Expertise! And the Touch Ranger usually uses a blood-magic staff, not a bow!

Anyway, see you in GW or FFXI some night!

Tamara Of Vanadiel

Guild Wars

I played Guild Wars a little bit, mostly whenever the FFXI servers were down. It's been quite a while since I played it. Back when I played it I couldn't get a game pad working with it. Everything was done with the keyboard and mouse, which I hated using. Has this changed lately? I hope I can still remember my password...


No gamepad

No, Guild Wars still uses a mouse to the best of my knowledge.

Mouse is not bad if you just push down both mouse buttons at once and keep the pointer out in front of your character; then you don't have to click all the time. Some of the keys are mapped to 'strafe run', I re-mapped the Q key to 'target closest'. So one hand on targeting keys and one hand on mouse and I do okay.

I use a USB gamepad for FFXI on my gaming PC; when the PC works, that is.


Well, I think the last couple of weeks have shown we can still operate weekly assaults even when key persons aren't around... so I'm not going to take it off the schedule. I'll leave it up with the caveat that you wont be leading it.

Good luck with your system.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Yes, my gaming PC is ill

So it needs some work to get back up to playing games (like a new motherboard).

Computer opportunities for Samhart:
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This is interesting. I have never played the game but reviewers (both professional reviewers and those gamers who have actually played it) like to give the PS2 version of this game a 9+ rating out of a possible 10: Disgaea on PSP

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