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Submitted by Tamara on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 19:04.

This was interesting! A 'petaflop' computer: Roadrunner

It's name is Roadrunner. I am thinking Roadrunner will not fit on the top of a desk! LOL! It will have 16,000 hi-speed processors and 16,000 game-console processors!

I am sure it is a nice machine but I think I will wait till there are some enjoyable games out for this one. I am not into platform wars, because at this point I find the wars to be silly - the question should be 'are there games for your platform that you enjoy playing?' As an example I always think I would not care much for the DS Lite but my father enjoys his DS, so what do I know?

Still, I would find it amusing to own a console whose chips were in use at Los Alamos National Laboratory!

My game PC remains broken, by-the-way.


someone needs to go back to school...

The new machine will be able to achieve "petaflop speeds," said IBM. One petaflop is the equivalent of 1,000 trillion calculations per second.

Running at peak speed, it will be able to crunch through 1.6 thousand trillion calculations per second.
It should read 1.6 quadrillion calculations per second. saying thousand and trillion to convay your point is not only wordy, but redundent in a vary bad way. Maybe this guy names his dog fifi and fido too, so you might hear him calling for "Fifi Fido".

ohh and...

Srry to hear that you pc is broke, that shit sucks. My Laptop crapped out a few months back, i had the distinct pleasure of talking to capable techs, at Alienware. By capable i mean not at all, and tech's i mean they speak only indian. so i basically have a $3000 paper weight.

wait, who needs to go back to school?

>>they speak only indian.<<
since when is indian a language ?!?!!? :P

I worked with Indians

I worked with Indians, once. Some of them are quite sharp. They told me the country has dozens (if not hundreds) of languages and dialects. Essentially India is a 'europe' the British grabbed and shoved all together. Indians who speak Hindi can talk to one another. If they both don't speak Hindi then an Indian from the southern most part of India will not understand an Indian from the northern most part of India.

So they said. Where I was working had more than one Indian employee and some of them would chat in their Hindi language though they insisted they were from different parts of India and they were each raised speaking something other than Hindi.

A three-thousand dollar paperweight sounds extreme. I know I would research getting my 3k paperweight fixed. Seems like $1,000 should replace just about all of the electronics. Seems. I know I got irritated when my four-month-old video card (it is only four months old) appeared to be an impediment to a quick repair. Impediment in that my motherboard appears to have died and a new motherboard could be be acquired only slowly if my video card was factored into the equation, a new motherboard could be acquired faster if my working video card was to be replaced.

I don't know why I clicked on the link about the future world's-fastest-computer.

ATI, G-Force, and customer service

The long story is, I bought a laptop from alienware to replace my vary vary vary out dated HP Pavilion from first yr. I needed something portable, and also powerful. So i did some scouting around, and the machines i priced out were an Alienware, Voodoo, and a Falcon. I went with Alienware, and was happy untill it started having some heat managment issues. It'd turn off the display ect. I figured it was one of a few problems: Bad heat sink (ergo, it might have had a leak or some shit, Main Processor), Defective Graphix card, or a short on the motherboard. When i sent it back they told me that it was my graphics card, a g-force. The problem i had with this explination was that the machine would still turn on and run fine, and seemed to work better after i made a heat sink out of a soup pot, aluminum foil and vodka (sounds odd i know but it works). So this said heat managment issue. Well they replaced my card with an ATI (never have really been a big fan of ATI), it failed to work right outa the box, and when i tried to get it replaced they told me my warrenty had expired. It all sounds shady to me.

On the subbject of Indians, i don't think they are stupid. I don't believe they should work in a customer service capacity however. Those who manage to speak english well, still lack the finess of a Customer Service Rep. IMHO.


The problems with the ATI card;

->it wouldn't render properly, objects would get disected by sharp lines and planes
->it would crash ffxi and the machine, one thing ATI supposedly prides themselves about there graphix cards, that if the card fails it won't crash the system
->and the winner, the cooling fan would wooble, and get caught up on the cooling shroud.

It'll be interesting to see where the merger of AMD and ATI will go.

Fan of AMD
Hates ATI

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