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Submitted by ICDeadTaru on Sun, 06/10/2007 - 14:49.

I think a lot of people need Diabolos prime still, so if possible I'd like to try to organize a Diabolos slaying event.

I talked to the pt leader of the quickest time last week and they won in under 3 mins by opening with:
*Barrage (RNG)
*Slug Shot (RNG or COR)
*Freeze II (BLM)
*Hundred Fists (MNK)

Im not sure why Freeze II and not a light spell but who knows. All DD/tank had to have opo necklaces and sleeping pots for TP to 300%.

Ive heard its easily won with a well-balanced party as long as nightmare is stunned and never goes off.

Submitted by Tamara on Sun, 06/10/2007 - 07:23.

If Avatarx can make it I believe Darkkit is going to attempt a Promyvion-Vahzl run on Wednesday night, June 13th.

For Friday, June 15th, we will "gather together" in Jeuno starting at 9:40pm Eastern, 8:40pm Central, 7:40pm Mountain, 6:40pm Pacific.

Friday's CoP will be a run up to the glorious Spire of Vahzl, where I understand some of you need to fight numerous mobs =^_^=

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