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ENMs, ENMs, and more ENMs
Submitted by sam on Fri, 11/03/2006 - 23:08.

ENMs, or Empty Notorious Monsters, are probably my favorite alternative EXP method. If you were capable of participating in every ENM available every week, you could easily get 30,000+ EXP every week just from ENMs alone.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to do all of them. So, instead, I will point out some of the "best choices" for gaining EXP from ENMs.

ENM 30 Capped Promyvions

  • Where? Promyvion Mea, Dem and/or Holla
  • EXP: 18000 EXP divided amongst members (or 3000 EXP per member in a 6 person party)

The 30 capped Promyvion ENMs (or "Promies" for short) are probably the most well-known of the ENMs. Each require you to have the CoP expansion pack, as well as have access to the 3 initial Promyvions (Promyvion-Mea, Promyvion-Dem, and Promyvion-Holla).

These ENMs involve climbing a Promyvion spire and defeating a "Mini-boss" at the top. These "Mini-bosses" are weaker versions of the main Promyvion bosses for the spire you are in.

Since these ENMs generally require a solid group of adventurers, and can be repeated weekly, the recommended means of exploiting them for EXP is to form an ENM static.

An ENM static ideally meets once per week (usually by Vanessa in Ru'Lude Gardens to ensure everyone has their key item), and travels to one or more of the spires. They ascend the spires, and beat the ENM "Mini-boss" at the top. This grants a party of 6 people 3000 EXP or Limit Points per person.

For some jobs that use a lot of consumables (such as Ninja or Ranger), weekly ENM statics can potentially save them a lot of money in tools.

Typically, people do Promyvion-Holla and Promyvion-Dem for ENM statics as they are the two easiest ones to beat.

ENM 60 Capped Solo "Puppet" Fight

  • Where? Mine Shaft #2716
  • EXP: 2000 EXP (solo)

Inside of Mine Shaft #2716 there is a solo ENM that can effectively be thought of as a "Mini-Maat fight". This is a 60-capped ENM, and if you lose, you will not lose any EXP. This ENM can be repeated weekly.

The ENM consists of battling a Hume "puppet" that is controlled by a Moblin. This puppet has your job abilities, but fights with H2H weapon skills (thus, he is just like Maat). During the battle, your subjob traits will be lost.

In addition to having to worry about the puppet, the Moblin master "gambles" by rolling dice which affect either you or the puppet. One may boost your stats, another may boost the stats of the puppet. This random-effect element does make the puppet fight more "luck-based" than Maat.

Winning the puppet ENM grants 2000 EXP as well as a possible JSE item.

Other ENMs

There are many other ENMs that grant you EXP. We will not cover the rest of them here, however, you can see the following links for more information:

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