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Rutter Sabatons
Submitted by dragonlance on Mon, 06/11/2007 - 16:19.

Ever wonder why those damn Air Tanks cost so much in people's bazars?

Well they are used to pop an NM that drops Rutter Sabatons

Bugbear Matman

Id like to obtain a pair of these, but it would require the help of a couple ppl, not a lot.

If your interested in obtaining a pair let me know.

I plan on farming air tanks - then popping NM - obtaining Sabatons until those who wanted them, got them.
( should be easy enough to do with 4 ppl ) ( given one and a tank and one is healer )

I would like to do this too.

I've had to sell almost all my ws gear recently and these would be a nice start on restocking

Dragonlance wants to make

Dragonlance wants to make use of Avayr's THF skills, so I don't know if this is scheduled yet. I overheard Avayr and Dragonlance discussing it on the Linkshell.

I'll help

Just let me know when

I can help out, if it is not

I can help out, if it is not Wed nor Fri evenings.

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