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Trying so hard to get to twenty
Submitted by bombastic on Wed, 06/02/2004 - 16:17.

Hey, has anyone else had difficulty getting to twenty? I made it to 18 in no time levelling in the dunes. Took me a damn long time getting my magicked skull (eventually helped out by Maior, thanks Sam :) and soon was at 19.

Now I've been 19 for a week. Okay, so I haven't had much time to play lately, but my hell, a WEEK? I should have made 20 this weekend, I even came close until a bastard Orc killed me in Gelsbah.

Anyone else have problems getting to 20? I think all my groups are dysfunctional. I'm a RDM and everyone wants me to both nuke and heal, which draws too much hate. Then I get WARs that dont provoke off me and let me tank (which I can't do of course) and I die.

YEARGH! How many people we have on the mailing list yet? Maybe I'll ask there if others at level 19-20 are willing to party with me and help me out...

Barely legal

19 is rough. Like Sam said, you just don't fit in easily with most other groups around you.

The key is to realize that there are others out there at 19. Search for them and make your own parties. That's what I did. If you have some people who have arrows and some black mages you can go to Qufim and take on worms at that level. The great thing about worms is you can run away if they get too nasty (unless they stun you :-)

Just be certain to not get too close to them. If you have pure melee classes like MNKs, just have them keep their distance while the ranged attackers take them out.

Once you hit 20 (and you soon will) you can start finding parties in Qufim a lot easier.


That's very good advice. My question is, where do you go for 19-20?

I know I struggled through it, but I did it largely solo. I'd love to know where you went for decent exp for a party of 19-20s (because I'll be there again with my advanced jobs, and I really don't want a repeat ;-)

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It's hard all around at 19

Yeah, I know, it was hard for me too. At 19 you're too high for most parties in Valkurm, and you're too low for most parties in Qufim. It was a rough time for me and for everyone I've talked to. My advice? Take some time off an earn some gil. That's what I did, and it really helped me out when I did make it to 20 and went up to 30. That's when I really started spending a lot of dough (between the Gobbie Bag quest in Jeuno and the Mog House quest, I spent a small fortune just to get a few more spaces in my inventory ;-)

You'll make it there, don't worry.

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