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40 Cap Garrison
Submitted by sam on Fri, 04/28/2006 - 18:47.

I've been getting requests for a while now for us to try some higher level Garrisons. Well, after my schedule calms down a bit, I plan on hosting one. Read on for the details...

Right now, I'm tentatively planning on Saturday, May 13th 2006 for us to try a 40 cap garrison in Sanct. of Zi'Tah. The advantage to this one is that it is goblins (which we're used to) and the cap isn't too much higher. Plus, the item (Hound Fang Sack) is relatively easy to get, and anyone 60+ should be able to get it easily (possibly with a bit of help).

However, since we have no way of knowing who will control the region in 3 weeks (if anyone even controls it that week), I'd like to encourage everyone to try to start farming for this event now. Once the week arives, I will officially make an event and place it on the calendar along with the full info of who controls the area.

While we're at it, would anyone be interested in trying another of the 40-cap garrisons as well? There's no other Goblin ones I can find, but there is one with soft-squishy (spell casting) Sahagins in Yuhtunga Jungle).

40 cap

I'm in! Sounds like fun and excitment! lol Hopefully a good amount of poeople will show. It will be great to start a twist with our Garrison events. May 13th---sign me up!


I've been wanting to do a garrison for sometime. 1) because I like challenges....and 2) because I like money. So, you can sign me up for this one as WHM.

I've never done a garrison, but I have read up on them, and understand what needs to be done. Of course, what you read is usually different than what you do, but that's what makes things exciting.

Hopefully enough want to do this. May 13...hmm 1 day before graduation ceremony...I think it works for me. Of course, I will have to find out. And while we're at it, yes, I am interested in lots of 40-cap garrisons as well. Soft-squishy Sahagins, mean-ugly Goblins, not-so-jolly-green-giant Gigas, evil-taru-eating Galkas, whatever needs to be stopped, I want to stop em.

Previous Garrisons..

Well, we've done many Garrisons now as a clan, but they've all been level 30 cap. This 40-cap one should be very interesting because we have already established via previous tests that our strategies for the 30-cap ones don't necessarily work for higher ones :-)

In other words... we may lose... just FYI :-)

Also, I have no idea what sort of money we're talking for a 40-cap Garrison. We've established previously that the 30-cap ones tend to be 100k-200k per person on average (which is pretty small considering how long they take, honestly, BCNMs are a much better way to make money) but I know that the 40-cap one has more rare/ex and non-sellable items. So... who knows what this one will grant us.

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Rare/Ex drop

If I attend I am going to lot on this if the Trader does not want it; also this cape may have multiple drops. If we win of course.

" goblins are:
rng (poacher),
rdm (enchanter),
war (bouncer),
drk (reaper) "

"nm goblin is blm type doyer and will use manafont. when its up everyone will need to eat poison potions."

Why would u do this to me ???

Why would u go and do a lvl 40 garrison? While ive been working so hard to bring any job to a lvl 30 garrison.
(*.*)O== (^^)
j/k I think this is a great idea. I just wish i was going to be on for it. But im not so ill catch u next time ^^. Good luck with it.

P.S. Please no repeats of last time ><

0=| |=0\\``(^^)
``| |```0== | |


Heh, we may very well lose. We've yet to have a successful 40-cap garrison... so there is a good likelihood of us failing.

Also, we will do more 30-capped ones in the future... I just haven't been in the mood to lead them up :-/

Also, also... Gol, could it be this is the signature you were going for?

0=| |=0\\``(^^)
``| |```0== | |

If so, try putting <pre>..</pre> around it to make it use a fixed font :-)

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Typically I would show up for a Clan Garrison, but the Expansion is only one week old and Cyclonus (and perhaps Avayr) are trying to get Assault running on a weekly basis and I find myself frequently checking /bmap to see if I can run down to Aht Urhgan and participate in Besieged.

Then I want to do the current FFXI Event, even though it is silly, because I enjoy silly Events =^_^=

So right now I can't fathom how I would have enough time for a weekend Garrison. My two Imperial Coins worth of input is give the expansion one month to cool off a bit, then plan a Garrison. Having said that, though, if Cyclonus posts here that there is no Assault scheduled for your May date then I will give Garrison serious consideration.

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