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Stage point run II
Submitted by cyclonus on Wed, 05/10/2006 - 13:10.

EDIT: Meeting location was omitted from the previous post. We will meet in Arrapago Reef at the time listed below.

I have been asked by several people to lead (consider leading) a run to the Ilrusi Atoll Staging point

As such, I would like an event to take place on Monday May 15th (assuming no other events conflict) at 8:30 PM EDT. ( ftw!)

What will I need?

Mages, Ninjas (sub or main) and Paladins – 12-24 echo drops (you can always sell back and assuming the NPC in Al’Zaboverthere hasn’t been kidnapped, you can buy them from him)

Non-mage jobs - you will need at least a stack of prism powders and silent oils. I am not trying to be rude, but having a “partner” to cast sneak/invisible is not a viable option. Although this trek does not seem as dangerous as our previous stage point run, I am working under the assumption that is equally difficult – better safe than sorry (otherwise, if people die, it’s instantaneously my fault…).

Finally, I am assuming we will need at least two Fang keys (previously, the map indicated one – however we required two for our visit to Dvucca Isle); so, some degree of farming will be required. If anyone has availability and would like to farm in advance, please let me know and I will accompany you.

Stage point

I went to it last night. You will need one key. There is one "room" on the path with several imps. Keep an eye on sneak/invis -saw two level 75 parties wipe.

Echo Drops from an NPC!

Bah I didn't know that!

Is it cheaper than the AH for a stack? That'd be a big help for NIN since they are already spending so much on their spells anyway.

Vis Maior's Journeys

This dude...

Echo Drop man!

Actually, this guy sells a bunch of useful junk; Not sure of his price vs. AH price, but worth a look.

Shhh.... he's a secret.

Side note: wtf? Where is my FFXI Costco? I was hoping the expansion pack would aggregate cooking items in one place (so that I'm not running around like a jackass finding things). These NPCs need to get it together.

i know this is late

in the near future we can have gol craft up these puppies for possibly even cheaper than the npc.

*Milo busts out his handy dandy calculator and crunches numbers*

with HQ 3

water cry= 200 (market onry)
triturator= 50 (fixed?)
honey= 250 (market)x3 (market onry)
distilled water= 12 x3 (fixed-effected by fame)
sage= 175 x3 (fixed-effected by fame and area control)

total cost to synth = 1561/12 = 130.08 so these are 131 gil each on a hq 3 or

we can make the honey

wind cry= 400
bee hive chip=1k x4

total = 4400/12 =367 gil ok so if the honey is more on the market than 367 each pot make it your self. or farm and make it seeing as how bees drop wind cry, chips, honey there ideal.

on a non hq of the echo drops each costs: 521 each (1561/3) this means they are still cheaper to make.

I am interested!

Very high probability I will be there. High enough to where I am going to acquire the medicines in advance and store in my Mog Locker =^_^=

By the way, even as a Mage I now use Silent Oil; in my opinion SE nerfed the sneak and invisible spells over a year ago. So I use Silent Oil and cast Invisible over on top of it.

You mentioned Echo Drops in your post, online you mentioned Antidotes, which one do we require? Two stacks of Echo? Two stacks of Antidotes? Both?


The Antidotes were for the actual Assault; since we will not be doing the Assault, Echo Drops are the only required item for mages.

some future thoughts....

on future runs to this stage pt... might require the following items

Pear au lait
silent pots
invis powder

echo drops

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