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Hard-A** Monday MEA ENM Fight
Submitted by Tamara on Fri, 02/10/2006 - 09:45.

I have given this some thought - regarding CoP Quests - and for the next few Mondays I am going to attempt an experiment (since no one is really posting weekday events to my other CoP thread ).

This CoP Quest is for those who are organized, self-disciplined and understand Promyvion. You will be moving FAST. AFK's over two minutes may well get left behind.

The event is named Hard-A** after our favorite Galka: Maior! =^_^=

o you need a job at level 28, 29 or 30 - if above 30 you will be capped down, so you need decent level 30 gear
o do not bring a level 27 or below job - this is a difficult Mob to defeat
o you need either a Charm Wand (current Valentine's Day event) or a Re-Raise Earring
(I know this requirement does not perfectly work out but I accept the logic flaws with the one or other being required)
o you need a Warp Cudgel or a Scroll of Warp
o you need your Mea Censor (obtained from Venessa in Jeuno)
o you need to bring your 2 HR Ability
o you also need to be willing to socialize with your fellow Clan Members because this event will only yield about 2k to 3k experience and moves FAST
o WHM job is REQUIRED to bring a Re-Raise Earring (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
o at these times you need to be inside of Promyvion Mea (not outside, not in Jeuno)
6:40PM Western
7:40PM Mountain
8:40PM Central
9:40PM Eastern

This is a rather late start and the reason for that is we are going to be moving rapidly. Those who show up early at Mea can farm some, those who show up late are left behind (sorry, please go back and re-read the title).

I know we typically let start slide but because of the late begin I am not joking. We head for the First Memory Recepticle at 9:50PM Eastern. Exception: If we do not have 8 folks minimum inside of the Spire we CANCEL and I teleport folks present to the Spire of their choice.

Goal is to use eight 2 HR Abilites on the MEA ENM

There are those who will need the MEA Spire Boss Fight - you, as an individual, have to contact the LinkShell in ADVANCE of this Event. You have to Organize your own MEA Spire Boss Fight. This is a hard requirement, I know, but if you just show up the day of the Event I will turn you down. You need to contact me or Maior first and you need to have a short-list of one or two names willing to help you out IN ADVANCE before I will help you with your Spire Boss Fight, I am sure Maior feels the same way. You show up with a few assets, politely ask for some help, we will try to fill out your party IN ADVANCE. People need time to farm.

The reason for this is:
The Spire Boss is not part of this Monday Event
Farming for Anima is not part of this Monday Event
When the MEA ENM is dead this Event is over

VISION drops will be treated as Group Loot

Bah, so late

Well, I will try to show, but if people aren't there on time, I will log. Starting this late is killing me considering I have work the next day.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Brief Agenda

Brief Agenda:

o at 9:40PM Eastern you need to be INSIDE Promyvion Mea with your Mea Censer

o at 9:50PM Eastern an alliance of eight-or-more Angry Monkeys heads out for Memory Recepticle ONE

o on Island Three someone will Charm Wand Re-Raise you or you will apply your Re-Raise earring to yourself

o on Island Four be prepared to just Run-for-the-Spire when given the command

o inside the Spire - there will be an automatic 10 minute break, no more, no less (hope I can remember this)

o before the Spire ENM there will be a couple of < call 1 > to set the tone for future events - if you can't hear this over your monitor and get left out of the event then I am sorry

o those who are standing before the Menu will bring it up and go inside on PROMPT

* Regarding Disconnects & Tardiness *

Disconnects are allowed twelve minute grace to re-join the game (that includes me - we have a lot of electrical storms here in Florida)

So the goal is to defeat the MEA ENM on Monday Evenings before 11PM

Small Attendence will mean the Event will be Cancelled (not a problem, I've beat Mea numerous times before).

Those who want to shuffle gear, show up late, will get left behind - this event starts at the time it does as an experiment, in order to get East-Coast and West-Coast Clan together. It moves FAST for the same reason.

The requirement for the Scroll of Warp is for those who get left behind. We cannot be generous with those who have to go because their parents need something done or because your cat is throwing up on the rug. Sorry.

Mea Teleport is expensive for some - I am heading for Mea, from Venessa in Jeuno, at 9:40PM Eastern. Show up late and you will miss this WHM Taxi. I am not subbing Warp so I can only take five people maximum and to win we need an Alliance.

Sorry if this event seems so HNMLS Mean but I want to run quick Monday Quests which yield some kind of minimum reward and we now understand MEA ENM. Eight folks, with 2HRS, makes the probability of victory likely. West-Coast and East-Coast will get an hour to interact.

Rules for FFXI:
o Nothing is ever guaranteed except the following:
o Someone will try to show up late for your web-posted Event

Have fun, enjoy the game, and if this rapid-moving Event is not for you, believe me I do understand.

And yes, I understand Cyclonus is willing to pick up leadership to move CoP along but the first thing he did was propose moving it to a weekend! LOL!



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