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Chapter 3: Orctrap
Submitted by sam on Thu, 02/23/2006 - 14:31.

The Orctrap is a Notorious Monster in Carpenter's Landing that a lot of people don't know about. He has a very small spawn area and, unlike the Emperor has only one placeholder. This makes camping him incredibly easy.

He drops two items of interest:

Of these two items, the one you really want is the Nikkariaoe:


At the time of this writing, this Katana is going for around 1 million gil on Phoenix. It is also a great Katana for NIN as that reduction in spell interruption is hard to come by in items this level that are more generally useful to blink-tanking.

Ideal Setup

Like the Emperor, any job can successfully camp the Orctrap, however if you have both an instant semi-ranged way to claim the enemy as well as widescan you will be at a significant advantage.

Thus, jobs that are ideal for camping him are:

  • WAR : Either subbed or main, for provoke
  • RNG : Either subbed or main, for widescan
  • BST : Either subbed or main, for widescan and charm
  • MNK : Main for chi-blast, otherwise useless as a sub
  • THF : Either subbed or main, for steal and Treasure Hunter

The Orctrap is in the 35-40 level range, so it is recommended you have a job of 50+ to be able to take him with little trouble.

General Strategy

The Orctrap is a lottery spawn from Birdtraps around I-9/I-10 of Carpenter's Landing:

Spawn Map

Getting to this area is quite simple. First, zone in from Jugner Forest at J-8. Once inside, take a left at the first intersection you come to, and then left again at the next intersection after that. Continue north from here until you can take a right where you will exit the tunnels.

When you are outside, travel northwest to the spawn area at I-9/I-10. To the south, I-10 will be a large open area. To the north, this area will taper down to a small pass that leads to I-9. This is the spawn area for the Orctrap, and he can spawn all the way from this pass to the northern shore at I-9.

The Orctrap is a timed lottery spawn. He spawns every 1 to 3 hours, and has a single placeholder in the area which must be killed before he can spawn. Like other lottery spawns, when it is his time to spawn either he will spawn or a placeholder will spawn (a single Birdtrap). If a placeholder spawns and is killed, you will have approximately 5 minutes until the next potential spawn. At the next potential spawn, once again either the Orctrap will spawn or the placeholder. Simply kill the placeholders, scan for the next pop, and repeat until he spawns.

Because the placeholder is so critical in finding him, it becomes important to find him on widescan.

Forest Tiger
Birdtrap  <-- placeholder
Diving Beetle
Fosse Pugil
Fosse Pugil
Fosse Pugil

If you pull up widescan and scroll down to the bottom where you find the NPCs in the area, you will notice two Birdtraps near the end. The second to last Birdtrap is the Orctrap placeholder. When Orctrap spawns, he will spawn exactly where the placeholder spawns.

Because this placeholder is the only Birdtrap you need to worry about, he is the only one you will need to kill. There is no need to run around killing other Birdtraps unless you're bored or trying to confuse another camper.

A word of note, the last Birdtrap you find in widescan generally stays around the NPCs on the shore while the placeholder spawns elsewhere in the area. If you find yourself killing a Birdtrap that always spawns near the NPCs, then you are killing the wrong one.


Like camping the Emperor, Orctrap is really simple as long as you understand where he is on widescan. If you can just keep that one placeholder in your sights, you shouldn't have too much difficulty getting the claim.

Good luck all!

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