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Submitted by cyclonus on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 15:58.

As some of you many know, I am VERY interested in obtaining my ghetto sha’ir manteel (which is also a decent alternative to the Weskit for BLMs).

To obtain said ghetto manteel, one must complete Assaults in The Mire via Arrapago Reef. I am not leading, rather I am organizing a run to this Stage point for this evening – around 7:30 EST / 8:30 EDT

I apologize for the late notice, this wasn’t really a formal event; it’s just something *I* would like to do sooner than later.

We will likely semi-fight our way through the Reef – bring your gear, highest level job and a stack of oils and powders would help.

Get access to the stage point, get ISP and kill crap…fun times!

Per Sam's request: Go read the books - foo!

Periqia - 1st Stage point we will attempt

Ilrusi - 2nd Stage point we will attempt (if we have time)

I need to follow

I will need to follow someone to these staging areas as this spare PC is not set up to print anything (no maps).

Oh well, time to update this PC with the new expansion and see if it can even run the thing =^_^=


BAH to late notices... Organize shite earlier, bitch.

Anyway, I'm coming. Wish you'd given a bit more information in this post so people interested could prepare.

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You knew about the "event" and I brought it up in LS chat.

I figured this was the only day we could attempt this, otherwise this shit will never get done.

What was that about doing more things spontaneously?

Do it now!

"What was that about doing more things spontaneously?"

I think Dayum was the one requesting that; I prefer some planning.

I'll try to attend tonight, but if FFXI boots this PC from the game don't wait around for me because I am not coming back online.


Spontaneously is for little girls and rainbows!

Spontaneously gets people killed!

I prefer careful preparation, thank you kindly.

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That is what makes everything more fun.


GAH! I am in agreement!

Buuuut, I really want to get this done before people leave for a few days...


I know!

I like giving people shit!

It's what I do!

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