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Submitted by cyclonus on Thu, 06/15/2006 - 19:25.

Recall a while back, when I said "pudding > all prepackaged desserts?"

Well, you NEED to try these!

Only the bestest prepackaged pudding (best of both worlds) dessert EVA!

When you eat too much puddin...

you think you can prank ppl without any repercussions.


Pudding has offical hit 3x pages.... WOOT!


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in the words of thadius Venture

If you have accident prone kidds give then a helmet, if you have death prone kidds keep a few clones around...



Thanks, chump! I missed the premere and was going to catch the repeat!

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here just because i love you

Hotlinking bitch

Once again you try to hotlink....

Once again you fuck up your post.

Hotlinking {Do you understand it?}

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Sucks to be u

Maior Do you need it TVio

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
rdm 60, blm 37, rng 32, pld 29, sam 29, nin 28, mnk 27, drg 27, drk 26, war 25, whm 25, thf 25, brd 20, bst 19, smn 12, pup 07, cor 10, blu 08,

Bah Tivo!

Tivo is just a Linux box with DV cards and a big honking hard drive.

Real men just build their own.

Of course, real men who build their own have significantly more free time on their hands than I do... but whatever...

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Love U Tivo

I do Love Tivo. Don't u? Just Click play to understand why.


Tastes like chicken

Baby pudding

well i guess you could always make baby pudding

Superman's Pudding

Superman likes giving men his pudding:

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bah i leave for one min and i come back to this...

Seee i always said DC Comics was gay and so is the man o' steel too.

Superman also likes the children

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ROTFLMAO that made my day!

Marvel >>>>>> DC

I personal have never enjoyed any of the DC heros... and only tolerated Batman. I've always found them much to be desiered.

I mean look at this...
Superman's super flaws:
1.He wears spandex... ok this is for most ppl more than enough to point to his enevitable homosexuality.
2.He desguises himself as clark kent... a repesontation of how weak he views humanity, his disquis is basically eyeglasses.... now everyone in metropolis must be blind if they can't identify the simularities between Clark and Superman.
3. He uses strength over brains... (see: Batman v Superman) and gets his ass wooped... i mean his archnemises is Brainiac, seem to convient.
4. His love interest is Louis Lane... who could never servive a bedroom romp with the Man o'queer... so another point towards his homosexuality. He is not having sex with Louis, so he must be having it with someone else and seeing that the vast majority of ppl he fights are men, i think we know what he prefers.

Green Lantern: DC's attempt to convert an original white super hero into a black role model... see the company is racist too. (Blade >>>>> Green lantern)

The style is still that horrible 1960's grainy shit... not high gloss.

there are more reasons that i hate DC... but those are a few.


I used to be a rather rabid collector back in the 1980s through to early 1990s. (Obviously I would be, I'm such a nutso video game collector- 5000+ games and 40+ consoles currently). Personally, I found that certain DC titles had consistently the best writing out of the bunch, but that had more to do with the authors in question rather than the label itself.

Back when, I collected the following comics:

  • Various Batman: I do love the Batman character, and anyone who doubts how cool Batman can be simply needs to read Frank Miller's takes on the caped crusader. Of course, my big draw to Batman was Chuck Dixon's excellent writing on a few of the titles. I have no idea if Dixon still writes these (haven't collected since 93 or so) but he was the man.
  • The Maxx (Image Comics): Sam Kieth is also the man. Unique art style (anyone remember him on Spiderman? Damn this is one talented guy) and very engrossing writer. The Maxx really was the best comic of the time, hands down.
  • Ghostrider (Marvel): Okay, so this was only good until the writers and artists were pulled from it in 92(ish) to go salvage the Xmen license after it's artists left to join Image. Still, this was the bomb for a long time.
  • Ghostrider 2099/Spiderman 2099/Hulk 2099/Doom 2099 (Marvel): This semi-failed off-shoot of the Marvel universe was always a sore spot for me. Started by some GREATs in the industry (Warrin Ellis, John Byrne, Peter David, Joey Cavalieri, etc) this included some awesome titles. Unfortunately, cost-cuts in Marvel at the time sapped the titles of their creative workforce (many actually left in protest over Cavalieri's firing) resulting in the entire series drifting off into lameness and suckitude.
  • Blade/Nightstalkers (Marvel): Most people don't know that Blade, after his campy, blacksploitation 70s creation, joined up with a group known as Nightstalkers... and that the Blade character only became popular again because of the Nightstalkers (and Midnight Sons, together with Ghostrider, Dr. Strange, et al) series.
  • Dr. Strange (Marvel): After his revival in the late 80s, this comic once again became a unique and interesting read. When he joined the Midnight Sons, it was made even more interesting.. At least, until the Xmen vacuum in the early 90s sucked the creative resources out of this title as well... Grrr.... Stupid Xmen...
  • Team 7/Wetworks (Image): Gritty, military special ops characters created by Chuck Dixon. Both very good reads. I kind of was a huge Chuck Dixon fan back then and would read anything he would work on.
  • Sandman (Vertigo/DC): Neil Gaiman is the man, what more can I say? Still pissed the movie adaptation floundered and appears dead. Bastards. And now Robert Smith is too damned old and too damned irrelevant to play Morpheus. IDIOTS!
  • The Tick (New England Comics): Ben Edlund needs to be given a medal or something. He needs to be knighted, or given the Nobel Peace Prize. This man is a fucking genius. Well... at least we can still enjoy his work today with Cartoon Networks "The Venture Brothers".
  • The Vamps (Vertigo/DC): Motorcycle riding, trailer trashy, vampire chicks? And with a story? {Yes, please!}

I know I collected many more than that (bah! I have like 9 boxes of these things hermetically sealed and stored away at home), but these are the ones I remember the most.

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Dr. Strange

Is the shit..

There are some other companies that are notible too... like Dark Horse.

Lol at least you didn't mention LOBO... dear god.

Some of my personal favorite comic "heros/villians"

Dr. Strange and Wang (its a team bizitches)
Captian America
Kingpin (i'm sorry but the kingpin is probley the best villian of all time)
Black Cat (she's bi-sexual and thats hawt)
Punisher (kick ass MAXX)
Ghost Rider
Omega Red

to name a few...

You know who else loves pudding?

The people in this video love pudding... just like Cyc!

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Kebbler Elves?... no thats cookies
Chester?... no thats Cheetos
A Polarbear?... no thats coke
Lucky?... no thats cereal
Dig 'em Frog?... no thats Cereal too
Wendy? thats hambergers
Ronald McDonald, the fry kids, hamburgerler, Grimis?... nope also hamburgers

is there any amercana icon assosiated with pudding? i don't think so, its because its crap.

Go here for the history of pudding!Haggis yummmm... >.>!

I is a one teeth!

Hey, thought I recognized milo and his mullet in that video... anyone else catch that?

Bran ftw!


Dat der varmet cyc be making funz of me again. He Yuk!
/em Drinks some moonshine.

I'd never be caught dead with a mullet, mohawk yes, mullet no!
Actual used to sport a pretty kick ass fohawk. Fuck country and hicks... tru Punk pwnz, non of that sisy shit either... old skool hardcore... bands like "The Outa steps", "Millions of dead Cops", "Misfits", "Group Sex", "The Avengers", "Youth of Today","Christ on Parade", "The Vandels", "The Ramones", "The Clash", "Social Unrest", "Someone Got Thier Head's Kicked In", "Machine Gun Etiquette", "The Peace War", "Three Hits From
Hells", "What We Do Is Secret", "the Descendents", "Dead on Arival", "Ill Repute", "The Ally Cats" and maybe the "Sex Pistols"

Also some late era spin off punk might include... "AFI", my personal fav ban, i had all thier albums, till some crack head junk stole my binder... i'm sorry tool no hip hopperness, and C"rap" music in there, "Green Day" probly the second best punk revival band, why because ask any american betweeen the ages of 7-35 and they probly know at least one Green Day song, be it from "American Idiot" or "Dookey"...,"Blink-182" is a little poserish but they do have some catchy songs... not my fav but they don't totally grab the focus of my wraith, "Rancid"... i guess, i don't like them but they real aren't poser-punk... like this shit they lable as punk now... Fucking "Good Charlotte" is nothing more that a Pop band, who quite doesn't get the genre they claim to be... Watch SLC Punk and You'll understand its more that Mohawks and dark make-up or piercings... "Avril Lavigne" was discovered when singing for Sharel Crow a country singer... no matter how many Sk8ter boi's (whatever the fuck thats supposed to be) u claim to want to see l8ter... doesn't make you punk you whore in fact there is a type of music for Skaters its called "SKA" retard! My Chemical Romance should all be drug out into the street and shot... "Helana" isn't a good song, and "The Ghost of you" is even worse... THIS IS NOT PUNK... singing songs about your dead girlfriend is either "Goth" or "EMO"tastic... Shit get your fucking genres right... or i'll fucking come kill you!
Holy crap did "Nirvana" go around claiming to be Punk? No they said they were Grundge... Although some of there lyrics were more akin to punk than these Pudding covered Nugglets of shit today claiming to be punk... Case in Point -> "Penny Royal Tea"... and don't get me wrong i don't think everyone should be hardcore punk... that would taint its raw image (ohh wait the GC fans did that already... i think i'll go blow a load on a bunny now)... no i listen to alot of music... just not FUCKING COUNTRY SO SCREW YOU CYC, IN YOUR NYC THUG LOVIN' RAP AND G MONEY ASSHOLE!!! that is all :P


I hate that stuff...


I like Rap!

Dre's "Chronic"- only one of the best albums ever made. And for hardcore political stylings, you just can't beat a good Dead Prez album.

Bah... of course, I may be showing my "Old Crank" nature by calling them "albums"... Even still, that shit is the bomb!

Besides, I tend to be very open minded to music. Just about the only music I really don't like is country... and even that has indisputable greats like Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash.

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if you notice i too call them albums... i don't think i'm "Crank" w/e the hell that is... must be ghetto slang for i listen to shit music :P

me 3

I guess we do have something in common NYC boy :P

I hope the post came off violent enough. :P

Hope you liked how i tied it back into this thread too... Pudding sux0rz like your mom, and GC for that matter... I WINZZZZ!


honestly i don't trust cyc, this is probly some weak ass corperate ploys to boost slumping pudding sales. I mean we probly have cyc to thank for this bullshit ad.



HA! I was going to ask you to turn this into a book...

Great job...great job.

Screw FFXI....'s all about the pudding...

Anyway, this is only one of the most (if not THE most) active thread ever on this site. It should be remembered somewhere.

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Cosby and duh puddin' in the pop.

Do any of you remember Pudding Pops?

I used to be addicted to the chocolate ones. For some reason the vanilla ones were always gross tasting. *sigh* Damn you for bringing back great memories.


i think that should win a prize...

Here have...


Ok so i know what the fuck Spumoni and Tiramisu are... I'm not gay maybe metro but i don't love the cock like cyc :P

L & B's

Bah fools, you haven't had spumoni until you've been to Brooklyn and visited this place .

It's near Coney Island and is by FAR one NYC's best pizza places (that's a major accomplishment)

If any of you ladies ever visit NY and do all the touristy crap... make it your business to take a day trip to Coney Island and L & B's

Alternatively, if you visit Queens, let me know the world's bestest Gelato isn’t too far from where I live.

its just the shizz

you know you love spumoni, no matter where you scoop it from. Its good shit.

No matter where?

What if you scoop it from the ass of a dead hooker?

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The Jell-O Puddin'

Cosby Show: possibly one of the greatest shows EVA!

Side note, any one see the Family Guy episode which featured "Cosby Aerobics?"

Pudding pops suck.

Reverse that

Cosby sux... because he doesn't abuse the english language like more popular black entertainers, and Pudding pops are the shit only beaten in the popsicle department by BULLETS... mmmmmmm

Family Guy

Stewie: I was under the impression the name of the show was "Kids Say the Darndest Things," not "Old Black Comedians Never Shut the Hell Up."

Family Guy

I saw it - it was awesome. I also laughed hysterically when Stewie was annoyed while people talked while he watched Mr. Belvedere.


then later:


Mr. Belvedere

Was queer.


{True Strike}


Visit where you can get the weather in your area by Ollie Williams from Quahog Channel 5’s “Black-U-Weather Forecast”


I beat you to it!

You want this dog?!

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Checking E-mail


oh noes!



schultmc didn't post it so I will.

Current weather where schultmc and I are

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these are and always will be better than your poop topper jello
I have this commercial on VHS somewhere!

Yeah and I bet...

Those kids wound up either a) becoming porn stars, b) wound up on either facebook or myspace and have been kidnapped or c) were killed by their fellow 2nd graders after being in that shitty ad...

On another note, I actually remember that ad AND VHS (visiting Blockbuster to rent crap on Fridays FTW!)...perhaps we are dating ourselves in front of the children, i.e. Unst and Xil?


I remember and owned Betamax, bitches.

I remember and owned a SelectVision VideoDisc player. VideoDiscs were like DVD movies, but on vinyl records.

To me, you're all children :-P

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Screw your bata max i bet you never had one of these suckers!


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