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Lowbies and Newbies... Oh my!
Submitted by ravenclaw on Thu, 06/03/2004 - 17:08.

Alright, I'm going to say something that will make me unpopular I'm sure... but I sure do hate Lowbies and Newbies.

I recently got my first advanced job (ranger, it was so easy, and as a Mithra thief, it's a purr-fect fit) and now I am back at low-levels attempting to level my ranger up.

The problem is, now I'm back in groups of lowbies (people who've never made it to twenty yet) and newbies (people who've never left their home nation yet) and these little shits are driving me batty.

For example, last night I spent 30 minutes in a group of dorks who ran around killing rabbits for 6 exp each! The WAR leader (who was /anon, I might add) was just running around killing every rabbit he could find, not waiting for the rest of the party, not waiting to be healed, not waiting for jack. I tried to convince them we should head to Gelsbah and take on Orcs (as a RNG/THF, I'm a pulling machine), and while they agreed, every time we started heading north these punks would find another damned rabbit and veer off course to kill it! ARRGH!!!

Another example from a couple nights back, I was levelling in the canyon north of Windy (I'm from Sandy, so I don't really know the name of the canyon). The party seemed pretty good, they knew to stay put at the camp while I pulled (which, at low levels, is always a hard concept to grasp... everyone always follows me as I'm scouting!) but the damned WAR wouldn't voke. This meant that our poor nuking BLM kept getting creamed. Finally, when he did voke, he would over-voke, and not give the WHM a chance to heal him (when our perfectly good MNK could have been back up, and in fact tried to voke, but couldn't get the hate off the WAR!) ARRRGH, again!!!

One final example: I was in another group in La Theine taking on Orcs. Our sole WHM would both heal AND attack. Can you tell me what happens when someone heals and attacks boys and girls? That's right, hate galore. Our PLD/WAR (who was just as frustrated as I was) couldn't keep the damned things off of the WHM. And the WHM just wouldn't listen. Finally, she died, and the Orc turned and slaughtered us without a healer. ARRGH!!

Now, I know I was a lowbie and a newbie once myself. And I know the only reason I am where I am today is because some highbie taught me the ropes as they struggled with me in the party (I was a THF using scythes for crying out loud!) So I know I should be more patient and teach these next generation fighters.

But it is sooooooooo hard! I get too frustrated, and it's making levelling my RNG a royal nightmare.

Anyone else out there dealing or dealt with this? What should I do?!!!


Okay, okay, I take back everything nice I said about lowbies and newbies.... I just spent a very frustrating day with them in the dunes (levelling my RNG) and MY FREAKING HELL!!!! These guys are soooo damned clueless.

So, Raven, you wanna pt with me and level our RNGs up together?

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I definately want to pt with other higher level advanced jobbers. Thats what I did this weekend (mostly) and it worked. I did make the mistake of partying with someone who had a subjub still at level 1 (they were 15 main 1 sub! Why not use their level 18 job that they had to have had to get the sub? Well, they were afraid to level down their 18 subjob if they died too much! hahah!)

Stupid things people do and say

I know it's mean spiritted and I'm a bastard, but I actually get a kick out of some of the stupid things lowbies/newbies do and say.

For example, I was in Bastok a few weeks back when this player shouts:

Can someone tell me where I can save my game? I can't find it in my menus and I've been playing for 13 hours and am really tired. Please help, I don't want to have to start over again!

Someone else shouted:

Have you read your manual? You don't save you just logout!

To which he replied:

Come on! Please someone help me! I am really tired, just tell me where I can save!

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That has the be the funniest thing I've ever heard. I have some of my own though :)

When I was levelling my subjob in the dunes (my second time in the dunes) I was in a party with a WHM/BRD (so they were past level 30) and a little WAR who had no subjob yet.

First thing the WAR asks is "How did you guys make those other things behind your jobs?"

I said "What?"

WAR: "You have a RDM after your black mage, how did you do that?"
WHM/BARD: ROTFL! It's a subjob!
WAR: What's that?
ME: You get to 18 and do the subjob quest then you can combine the jobs together.
WHM/BRD: WAR, have you read the manual yet?
WAR: No, why would I want to do that? Thats a fucking novel!

Later on, after the WHM/BRD gets creamed a few times when the WAR doesn't voke, she says:

WHM/BRD: WAR, please provoke the enemy!
WAR: I am
WMH/BRD: No you're not
WAR: Yes I am, I am attacking like crazy!
ME: No, use your skill "provoke" on the enemy when the THF pulls the enemies to us.
WHM/BRD: Then provoke the enemy afterwards when they come for me.
WAR: Okay.

Next battle, WAR provokes once, and never does again. The WHM and me (BLM/RDM) nearly die because the enemy wont keep off from us between the WHM healing and me nuking.

WHM/BRD: WAR, why did you stop provoking? I had to use my two hour to keep us alive!
ME: WAR, please provoke!
WAR: No way! When I provoke it attacked me!
...A pause in the conversation...
WHM/BRD: WAR, are you familier with the concept of tanking?
WAR: yeah, I'm no n00b!

Give 'em a break.... and let 'em learn for themselves ;-)

You aren't any less popular in my book, Raven ;-) Lowbies and newbies tend to drive me crazy as well.

What I do is I tend to look for groups of people with advanced jobs like me, that way they either 1) already know the ropes or 2) can help "teach" the lowbies/newbies in your group (sharing the brunt of the "eductating").

A similar thing that bugs me even with highbies is the whole EXP/hour problem. When I'm in a group where people go for the big 200+exp per kill, with the 3-4 minute healing downtime inbetween when we could go for the 100-180exp kills and chain them for more exp and less downtime. Of course, players tend to have a harder time looking at the big picture with these things anyway (they dont realize that a lot of lesser exp kills can easily out class a few bit exp kills, and that a MNK doing less damage per hits, but more hits per hour, is actually a pretty damned good damage dealer ;-)

Oh well... people suck, what can I say?

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Gotta Say

When I am walking around I know people think I am a nOOb when they look at my Job stats.><; I hate it. But seriouley I'm not a nOOb. I went back and forth tring to find the job that fit me. But those loobies dun wanna start with them. But I got a hillarous nOOb story. OK I was in East Sub and a lvl 1 Thf came up and asked me.
"Hey do you know were I can get a Moogle like in FFCC?"
I respond.
"Umm wel the only Moogle you can get is in your Mog House."
He says
"Is that like your caravan? And were are the Mirth Trees?"
I say
"Umm sry this isnt FFCC.
He go
"But from the reviews I read it look like it had alot to do with FFCC"
I say
"Well I'm sry can help you there."
He goes
"Well ok I'm goin back to EBgames and goin to buy the offline verson of FFCC."

I was cracking up for bout 2 or 3 hours. And the funnest thing was that he was lvl 1 stalking his suposed to be friend. I asked befor he left.
"Do you know him?"
he said
"He said he gae me 500 GIL we are friends."
I walked away and he followed me for like and hour befor he logged off. God it was funny.

I try not to be mean....

That is very funny about FFCC. Did they really think that this was somehow related to that? Insane.

I do try not to be mean when I am in a party with a bunch of people who don't know what they are doing. It can be so hard sometimes though. When you get killed for the fifth time because your WHM is attacking and healing. Or when your tank isn't tanking. Or when someone says "hey, let's fight a gob!" and you're only level 12 in the dunes :-)

Here's the things I think all people who are new or below 20 should learn as quickly as possible:

1) The basic group consists of a tank and a healer. Often that will be a WAR or PLD as tank and a WHM as healer. RDMs can sometimes be healers, and MNK/WARs can sometimes be tanks in a pinch, but they aren't the ideal healers and tanks. The idea behind the tank and the healer is as follows:

The tank has higher defense than the rest of the group. They have to draw the most hate from the enemy. They have to use Provoke or some other skill to keep the enemy attacking them. Ideally, the tank should be the ONLY member of the party taking hits.

The healer's job then is to keep the tank alive. Thus, they should heal the tank and be focused almost exclusively on the tank.

The problem with healing is that it draws hate from the enmey. So, the enemy make turn to attack the healer. It is the tanks job to keep the enemy AWAY FROM THE HEALER. If the enemy turns to attack the healer, the tank needs to provoke it and draw it back to him.

Because healing draws hate, the healer should NOT ATTACK (mostly, obviously ghosts and the undead can be healed to death). Attacking and healing can draw so much hate that the tank may never get it back.

The tank and the healer have a very symbiotic relationship.

2) After the tank and the healer you have a variety of classes left to choose from, but typically you will want damage dealers. The damage dealer's job is to hurt the enemy while it is being distracted by the tank. Damage dealers are players like MNKs, RNGs, DRKs, BLMs, etc. These are the people doing all the skillchaining and planning of skillchains.

3) The rest (RDM, THF, DRG, etc) fill in any gaps left in the group and/or perform specific functions. THFs obviously raise the gil dropped by enemies and can help obtain objects. RDMs can be backup healers, backup nukers, and can even meelee (very flexible class). DRGs may be damage dealers or healers depending upon their sub. Often times members of this group will also be the pullers (although the RNG is the king supreme of pulling ;-)

Basically, if you can get these three things down, you will be a much better asset to your party. And, if those people I play with that drive me crazy would just learn these things, I wouldn't get so irritated with them ;-)

EXP/hour not EXP/kill

I'd like to add that EXP/hour is much more important than EXP/kill. This is something I'd love to see people learn quicker.

The idea is that you can get more EXP per hour taking on easier things that you can chain and don't need to rest long between as opposed to the single big EXP kill that your party has to rest 5 minutes or so between battles with.

For example, killing a lot of things that give 100 EXP with 1 minute downtime between battles will net you a lot more EXP per hour than killing a few things that give 200 EXP with 6 minute downtimes between battles.

Vis Maior's Journeys

EXP chains

And don't forget EXP chains. I still run into people that think EXP chains and Skillchains are the same thing :-)

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