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Beryl-footed Molberry: Wanted Dead
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 16:16.

Welp, I have an NM I want to kill, but I'll need some help. So I was wondering if I could enlist the help of some of my friends to kill this mofo. We can take out our NPCs, kill stuff in the area, have a grand old time.

The mob I want dead is Beryl-footed Molberry. He drops this lovely weapon that is Rare/EX and will be ideal for my NIN. Honestly, from what I've read two or three people 70+ with their NPCs should be able to cream him easily enough. The drop rate ain't good, so I'd prefer it if we had at least a /THF in the group and tried it on a full moon. I already have the rattle and am ready to spawn this nasty.

So... any takers? I probably wont be able to do this until next week, but I wanted to start planning it as soon as possible so I don't be like certain others who like to spring helpful events on people at the last minute (bwhahaha)...

...Ahem... Anyway... Anyone interested?



Black'a mage'a 63

i love killing nm's... and i'll help on this one if need be, finalize a dte maior and i'll bring some BLM potency. However i might be doing some seriouse lvling this week after i died twice in the expansion area once to those bastard fleas and another one to a glitch involving a sea monk on the ferry. i no longer have a buffer and am in jepordy of down leveling.

WHM 63

I am WHM 63 and can help, if this run does not take place for a few days. I am on a spare PC right now, my primary PC has died. This spare PC is the one that the new FFXI does not like.

I've discovered that good, well-configured level 75 parties seem to only need us WHM as another source of HASTE.


Yep, especially if you have a NIN who's willing to put forth the moolah to be a good NIN :-)

So far, the best compliment I've ever gotten as NIN was last night when our WHM sent me a /tell: "You make my job boring!"

Vis Maior's Journeys

Haste Gear

I don't know what all these Haste gears is you NINJA are picking up but Vivec taught me that NINJA can turn into some kind of massive DD when Haste is applied.

I watched him solo STEELFLEECE with Haste. Haste plus one Stona. And I am not talking the SMN trick of fighting it for thirty minutes, either.

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