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Maior's final Promies, take II
Submitted by sam on Mon, 06/05/2006 - 12:46.

Our last Promy event was a resounding success. We got 4 people through Promy-Mea (which is a hard one) and 1 person to Lufaise. As I have said previously, this round of Promies will likely be the last ones I will ever lead for the clan, so, if you still need some and aren't willing to lead up your own, better get on board....

So let's discuss when the next one will be. Note that this will probably be the second to last one I lead.

Right now, based upon previous discussion, as well as my schedule, I am leaning towards the following dates:

  • Mon. June 12th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Tues. June 13th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Wed. June 14th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Thurs. June 15th after 5:30pm EDT

Any preference on those dates, people who still need it?

Right now, I'm electing we do Promy-Holla, since most everyone who showed up to the last event still needs it.

Also, to those who showed up last time unprepared if you do not show up to this event with the appropriate Anima, then you will not be able to join in!

Also please note, teams of 6 are required for any promy boss! If you show up with proper anima but the rest of your team does not, then you (along with them) will not be able to go!


I still need all three and have Hystero and Psycho Anima as well as Recollections of Fear and Pain. Any time is good for me and can come as RDM-WHM-BLM whatever is needed. Will wait till day of event to find out what job you want me for. THANKS!


Ok just to beat that horse a little more, guys you need to farm anima well in advance for these runs. Today Gol, LagBotZorz (a.k.a maior), mommy (a.k.a. cyc), Raven, and myself were out farming animas. If you need these runs don't plan on farming a couple of hours in advance. You know you need/want these runs done so prep before hand, even if this means selling some extra crap you have laying around your moghouse to make room. What farming ahead of time shows us, is that your taking this seriously. Of the 5 of us out there only one of us needs to complete promies still... this pre-preping is exactly what the other 4 used to get through the promies before. If you still need help farming anima, please let me know. I will be more than willing to help you. However, don't come to me even 24hrs before the event saying "I need help farming." I'm sure the other 4 would probly agree with that too. Please don't screw yourself over, your party, or your fellow LS mates by deciding an exp pt is more importan i still have "tomarrow to farm" you never know what tomarrow plans for you, for instance i found out yesterday my car had been broken into, this was unforseen and maior and cyc can attest to the fact that it interrupted what i was currently doing in game. Set your priorties, if you can't get up the energy to do a run, plz plz don't farm, and deffenatly don't tell us that you want to come. Well i guess that enough bitching from me for today.


Wed or Thr

This Thursday I'm heading to LA and wont be back tiss the 13th so the 14th and 15th would be best for me. I'll probably be farming anima this week sience I wont be on at all this weekend. If anyone wants to come just send me a /tell in game.

im in

im ok to go on the 12,14,15 16 the 13th is mine and drays anniversary for 8 years of marriage. so any of those but the 13th.....
15th is fine for for run to go with pisk

i should be free

i now should be free post, since most of my time will be expended in the morning becoming a certified mixologist... that should free me up for fill on the next runs if need be... also gol might be free for fill too. he has a post which is his current jobs, so thats whats going on with the Ohio boys. Lata kids.

Keep ya posted if things change again.

So close I can taste it

Monday and Wednesday I am unavalable until after 8:30 CDT (9:30 EDT). Tuesday night is a no go. Therefore my vote is for Thursday June 15th.


My leanings

Honestly, that was my leaning as well. I know that Xill needs it too, so if we had roughly the same group as before (sans possibly Sloth, since he is done now) we would need to wait for him to return from his trip.

(Xill is going to be out of town Tues 6th-Tues 13th)

Vis Maior's Journeys


I get off work at 5:00 so i should be good for filler on any day. Do you need it? Party filler See below

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
rdm 60, blm 37, rng 31, pld 29, sam 29, nin 28, mnk 27, drg 27, war 25,
whm 25, drk 25, thf 25, brd 20, bst 19, smn 12, pup 00, cor 00, blu 00,

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