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Maior leading up a Promy?!
Submitted by sam on Sat, 05/27/2006 - 12:51.

I know that I vowed many times never to lead up another Promy again, however there have been so many requests for it and so many Promy events that have just fizzled out, I've decided to be exceptionally generous and help those of you willing to put forth the effort to do these Promyvions right get through your Promyvion boss battles.

This will likely be a one time offer meaning if you want me to get you through these Promyvions you need to jump on this opportunity now because I will probably never do this again....

Why are you being such a hard ass with this?

Many people ask me why I never lead up Promyvions. The reason for this is because in 2005 I was leading up semi-weekly Promyvion events. People would come to these Promyvion events unprepared, and we would fail. This was a waste of my time, and the time of the people who did come prepared. Additionally, we had certain members who were going into other LSes (HNMLSes, RPLSes, DynamisLSes, etc.) and telling them that if they came to us, I would help them through their Promyvions.

Basically, ClanAM became a Promyvion-whore, and many people on our server tried to take advantage of us.

So, I stopped leading Promyvion events.

Ok, so why are you offering to lead one now?

Now we have enough people who need Promyvion that I think it would be worthwhile to try an lead up one more bout of Promyvions to get people through them. These are people I consider good friends, and I don't want to see them not get through their Promyvions (since the Promyvions really can be so easy).

When is the Promyvion?

I haven't set any time aside for this. I'm being exceptionally nice here and giving the people who actually need the Promyvions opportunity to come onto this site and post their preferences for time and days. Naturally, my schedule will have to be taken into account, but if we can just discuss this we should be able to find a common time.

Who still needs Promyvion?

To the best of my knowledge, the following people need at least one of the Promyvions:

  • Slothimus
  • Ravennightwing
  • Piskowit
  • Maramay
  • Unst

If you need any of the 30-capped Promyvions (Mea, Dem, Holla) then please post below with prefered times and days.

What do I need to do to be prepared?

Broken record time here, but, read this guide. EVERYTHING you need to know is in that guide.

How will we go about it?

The Promy events that have worked generally involve two nights of work for each Promyvion. The first night is for farming Anima, the second night is for the actual Promyvion.

You can farm Anima by yourself, and are encouraged to do so, but know that if people do not show up with enough Anima for the Promyvion boss fight I will be a hard-ass and cancel the event.

Basically, if you really want through the Promyvions, you really are going to have to farm Anima and make sure everyone else does.

Uhh all 3 please >

I basicly left for a forced break when the clan started doing all these promy runs and I never got them on my own. I recently hit 50 and im looking to get my Glamor Jupon, but for that i need the Aquaducts. So I need all 3, i can come as BLM and should be open for a bunch of different times now that schools out.

for those still needing these runs...

Please read the guide maior was actual recognized on allakazham for the depth of information for these runs...

Also this is more to maior... Let me know if you need anything for these runs too... i'm willing to come only if 1. i'm not working and 2. you haven't filled all the spots. It looks so far as if you've got enough for a small 6er run on the hill. I'd hate to see you guys cancel the event because your down a man. I'll try and be as flexable as i can. Job fill: WHM BLM SAM WAR... BST upon request. Like wise i know gol will be back on in several short days, he might be willing to man up to fill another slot... Well i'll troll the posts for a date and time. and if i don't come with... GL guys.

im in

let me know the i am on swing shift and the only time i can do it is every 3 weeks when im on days or if early enough when i works nights let me know i really need these mai thanx. i can do it definatly may 28,29,30 june 5,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.....if anyone can work with these i would appreciate it i can work it out further into summer if need be let me know (all dates are roughly after 330pm est)
and i do need all 3 promys

Some dates

Okay, here's some dates from there that should work for me:

  • Tues. May 30th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Mon. June 5th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Sun. June 11th after 3:30pm EDT
  • Mon. June 12th after 5:30pm EDT

Beyond that, we'd have to re-evaluate the days.

Do these days work for anyone else who needs it?

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June 5th, 11th, or 12th would be fine by me. Thanks again for hwlping us out Maior! What a life saver. :p I havent been on that much lately but will try more now that RL has settled down a bit. Just let me know what I should come as... WHM, BLM, or DRK...( yes a taru DRK). Highly unlikly you would want me as DRK but its a job above or at 30 . lol See ya all in the game!

Scheduled Times


As Cyclonus stated in the previous post, I do need all 3 Promies, and I do have a set of Anima (Hysteroanima and Psychoanima). However, I would be unable to participate on Tues. May 30th. The other dates would be fine though. Also, I have RDM and BLM, leveled past 30.


Okay, well we will run this again at one of the other times and you can come.

FWIW, we'll probably want BLM for 2 hour on these.

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You took my job!

I wish I could organize and control this run, and planed to do so. But not being able to get on FFXI the past few weeks, and starting my new job next Tuesday, the last thing on my mind has been FFXI.

I understand why you would get frustrated running this event. But I thank you for running it hopefully one last time. Weekdays after 5:30 EDT are fine with me...except I am in a summer ultimate frisbee league that has games Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-8 CDT (7-9 EDT). The league starts Wed May 31.

This means, my vote is for Tues. May 30th after 5:30pm EDT. I have all my anima, Reraise earings etc. to be an effective WHM XD

Thanks again Sam.


Welp, that seems to settle it.

Pisk, you only need one spire, correct? Maybe for the May 30th run we could do the one you need?

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Need 2

Holla and Mea for me ; ;


Okay, then we will likely do Holla, since I know most everyone else still needs that and several people only need it.

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Either May 30th, or June 5th would be great for me. June 11, 12th i'll be at Guard duty. Thanks Sam for offering to help!

Updated dates

Thanks Sloth, that narrows it down greatly:

  • Tues. May 30th after 5:30pm EDT
  • Mon. June 5th after 5:30pm EDT

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both these dates

ty ty ty ty i am available both dates and am looking forward to them

Post schedule?

How about you post your schedule. Sounds like your schedule will be a big determining factor in it.

Personally, I work 8am-5pm EDT every weekday. I have other things going on sometimes outside of work, but often I am free.

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He needs all 3 Promies as well. He does have 1 set of Anima.



My thoughts are that I'd like to have people who need the Promies be the ones who go. Personally, I'd like the people who already have them done only come along if:

  • They are needed to round out the party.
  • They want to come along and help with the spire ascent or ENM battle.

I'd prefer as many people as possible inside the actual boss battle be people who need it.

My logic here is that we can get more people through the missions that way, we can train more people on the proper way to beat the bosses, and I don't have to repeat any more Promies for people again.

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I can provide damage as SMN 29, if SMN 2HR is needed. I have the two main Anima in my Mog Locker in Whitegate.

Currently a bit below the Promy cap, but whatever! =^_^=

If you are missing a WHM for Raise on the run I can provide that too, but Piskowit the WHM needs these Promy things and he should be going along.

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