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NM Extravaganza!!!
Submitted by sam on Thu, 05/11/2006 - 15:07.
  • When? : Saturday, May 13th, 2006 @ 5PM EDT (tentative)
  • Where? : Meet in Kazham. Travel from there.

Okay, so this isn't exactly an extravaganza, and it's probably not something anyone will make any money from. Basically, we've had a couple of posts recently concerning some NMs in the Elshimo region that people want the drops from, so I figured we'd see if we can't get an event going for it.

The following NMs have been requested:

  • Beryl-footed Molberry : original request.

    This NM is spawned by trading an item to a ??? inside the Temple of Ugglapith. The drop is not 100% certain, but there is no camping for the NM. Just show up, kill it, and hope for the katana. I'd really like this katana for my NIN.

  • NM(s) In Opo-Opo Crown Quest: Opo-Opo and I
  • Cyclonus wants this drop. I believe he only needs one more mob killed to complete the quest.

  • Rose Garden: original request
  • As I said, these two NMs are for items needed by specific members. Don't come if you expect some sort of monetary reward. Do come if you want to help people out.

    For the Tonberry, it's a popped NM. So, if you need the NM as well, please show up with the appropriate item necessary to spawn him.

    Chances are, we will fight the Tonberry first, since he is a popped NM, and then move on to Rose Garden. The Tonberry is harder than Rose Garden, so we wont need as many people to stay around to help with the marlboro NM.

    It is very important that the people who need these NMs can come on this time and date. Please discuss below if this time doesn't work. Bear in mind we really want this to be near Full Moon in the game in order to maximize drops (Full Moon will be approx 8pm EDT Saturday).

I'm still alive..

Hey guys I'm still here.. LOL. I have been busy with some work stuff this week and have been on early.. real early for me.. you can ask the LS. LOL.. Sheeke saw me.. really he did.. LOL. This Saturday and next Saturday are no good for me so goodluck with Maior's and Tamara's drops ^^. Once everything is "adjusted" I will try to be on regularly as before.. although my playtime may be significantly reduced due to the BOSS. LOL..


As far as I knew, Tamara didn't need a drop, you did :-P

Well, I still plan on trying for my Katana, but other than that, I guess it will be more free-form....

Maybe we should try for that blasted Opo-Opo Crown so Cyc can shut his piehole...

Vis Maior's Journeys


I don't "need" the Rose Garden drop but I talked (briefly) about Avayr and I getting to level 66 with higher weapon skills and working on getting two Rose Garden drops. I would probably use the drop and sell the ring I am using now. That is what Avayr is referring to.

I think helping Cyclonus with the Opo-Opo Crown over the weekend would be a nice thing.

I'll pass on trying to match Cyclonus' death-match record (posted further below) =^_^=

Pie hole

One, pie sucks. As confirmed last night... Jello pudding snacks > all other prepackaged desert. But “Jello hole” sounds wrong…so meh.

Second, gah! I almost gave up on the crown, to date I have had a grand total of 2 people (I am one of those people) who have committed any sort of help :-)

After having to trek through some of the newer zones, Ifrit's Cauldron seems like a walk in the park. There is this HUGE misconception that IC is some death house and upon zoning in, your character will die, the volcano will explode and POL will crash to the point of no return.

Seriously, there are only two mobs we really want to avoid in the whole place and Fire Carol + Barfira > Bomb type mobs...

If we get enough (3-4 people) "high level" folks and we have time, I would love to do it.

Oh, and I need 2 more rare/ex items... My mog locker will love you all if we can do this.


Heh, I shared your pudding comment with a friend in IRC and he said the following:

(11:31:18) schultmc: pudding is not as satisfying as pie
(11:31:32) schultmc: banana creme pie (pie *and* pudding) is good :)

I'll have to go with schultmc on this....

Vis Maior's Journeys


Cool i'm gonna go place. For now count me in for this run, i was supposed to go camping and off roading with the cancer crew this weekend but that is looking like a big NO due to the weather. So count me in, i'll post again if i get a call saying camping is back on. Maybe time premiting we can get me the hook up on ZM4?? but if not whatever, not in a huge rush to get that done. Well probly see ya Sat.

Rose Garden

From what I have read the Rose Garden is seldom up and out and unclaimed.

Those who want Rose Garden (like Avayr) there is a specific methodology to farming him, a method that someone like me with a spare computer can use. Dropping by to see if he/she is serving tea-and-crumpets is not that method =^_^=

So I don't know what Maior is looking for, for input, but I will try to show for Maior's Event. As far as Rose Garden goes I was intending to camp him/her with Avayr, then after Avayr got the drop I was intending to work on Rose Garden for my own drop.

However, no Avayr. He appears to have stopped playing FFXI except for once a week.


Yeah, I knew he'd be hard to find and we likely wouldn't see him.

My thoughts were primarily selfish, I'll admit. I just want help killing my NM, which isn't camped, but is poppable. Afterwards, I knew people wouldn't stick around, but if Avayr was there I'd gladly go kill crap in the jungles while looking for Rose Garden to pop on widescan for an hour or two. I figured, we make a stab at it and, if we get lucky, we see the pop and kill it. Worst case scenario we farm Elshimo Slabs for people needing them for Tele-Yhoat quest.

Vis Maior's Journeys


I MAY have a firm event on Saturday afternoon (actually I do have an event, but it's a Yankees game and if it is raining - fock that...).

If I do go to the game, I can likely show up at 5PM EDT (assuming you all are still fighting). If it doesn't rain, I will be there.

Oh, and while we are talking about NMs, this guy can kiss my ass.

Changed the time...

I wanted 5pm myself actually, but I had heard from you previously that after 5pm EDT on Saturdays you weren't typically on.

I personally wanted 5pm because I wanted to spend the rest of the day leveling, if I can get a party or two.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Sounds good

That's fine. The {Mega Boss} has some family garbage to tend to this weekend, so I should have availability on Saturday.

While we’re at it, no availability on Sunday - graduation - yay!

Side note: personal best in Dynamis-Sandy 12 deaths (All R3 though - being in the BLM alliance is ownerz!!1onety)!


lol did you die or not get drop?


Shaman's Cloak: X

Had three asshats watching me; I asked for help and they wanted me to die... HA! BRD soro ftw!

However, I did get an iron ore and 3k gil - I can rent out the hostel for approx. 6 hours!

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